Simple homemade gift

I hadn’t done any reloading in a couple years so it felt really good to crank out a few hundred rounds. My last rife reloading was done in 2001.

The picture below is a sample of the result. It is a gift for a friend. It was simple, shiny, and you can’t buy it in stores:


Plus it should give the anti-gun people heartburn.

See also this video:


18 thoughts on “Simple homemade gift

  1. Nice. Of course anything that gives the anti-liberty crowd the fantods is most excellent in my book.

  2. Don’t forget to mike (measure with a caliper/micrometer) the ammo now and then. Dad’s gotten into reloading, and has done up a whole batch of 9mm, which he figured was fine. It shot fine through his S&W 9mm.

    Except this past Thanksgiving, a number of the extended family menfolk went out to shoot a bit, and his 9mm rounds did not work in my Ruger P89. Stripping down the Ruger, we discovered the case of the round was swelled up, juuuuust enough that it wouldn’t drop neatly into the bore of my pistol. Oopsie!

    He was a bit sullen about it, even though I wasn’t critical. He’s shot a lot more ammo through his pistol than I have mine, and we figured his had enough wear to accept the minisculey (is that a word?) larger rounds.

      • Some of those bullets we had here were slightly oval and/or oversized, and we pushed them through a swaging die to uniform them a bit.

        • Yup. I think it depends on how the bullets were pulled.

          This batch had that problem. I have another batch that looks great.

    • I’m not an expert on reloading (e.g. I certainly don’t feel qualified to teach a class in it) but it does concern me that this is happening with pistol rounds. Don’t you always run your pistol reloading setup with a full-length sizing die? I’ve only ever heard partial sizing in relation to (bottleneck) rifle rounds.

      • I don’t know if Dad was doing that or not. I might have to see about looking into that for Christmas 🙂

        In any case, my comment was less intended for Joe (who I’m pretty certain knows what he’s doing) and more of a general reminder. I looked pretty silly out there with my pistol frozen up and refusing to feed.

        • I had that issue frequently with 9mm. Even with properly resized cases. The answer is to get the Lee full length sizing die that you run the rounds through after seating the bullets; it squishes the loaded round back into spec.

  3. How are those bullets constructed? I know of them, but I don’t know how they are made.

  4. “…should give the anti-gun people heartburn.”

    You mean it should give criminals heartburn, but then, I suppose you did say that.

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  6. Would LOVE to get my hands on a batch of 30 cal AP bullets for reloading.
    They are becoming rare as hens teeth…..with a lot of fakes being painted
    to con the ignorant into paying high prices at gun shows.

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