If it were only true


If it were only true for 98% of the politicians in Washington I’d be much happier about our political situation. As it is I am incline to believe we would be better off if the people we sent to Washington were chosen at random or maybe even the ones who tried hardest to avoid going.

Via Tyler Durden.


4 thoughts on “If it were only true

  1. Just make a constitutional amendment that ensures those who make the laws are bound by those same laws, that there are no exemptions to the laws they make. See how fast things get repealed/fixed.

    • That would just be another amendment that’s ignored the same way nearly all of the current ones are ignored.
      The thing you actually need is enforcement of the constitution, especially the bill of rights. Given that, the other things would work. Then again, given enforcement of the constitution, those other things would not be needed. (There’s no need to worry about congress exempting itself if the only laws it passes are those authorized by article 1 section 8.)

    • I prefer my proposed amendment. Any bill passed must be rolled and inserted rectally for EVERY legislator, regardless of their vote for or against. Anything under 30 pages shouldn’t be too much problem. They can still pass the multi hundred or multi thousand page bills if they wish, but if they do…Vlad Dracul would look easy by comparison. Interesting character, btw. Rough SOB, but he’s up there with the Poles and Charles the Hammer for saving Europe from the muslims.

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