Quote of the day—Dennis Levinson

Our politicians are unwilling to stand up to the terrorist organization using the name the National Rifle Association (NRA).

It is now time to overturn the Second Amendment, which no longer has any more validity than slavery or suppression of women’s rights, all supported by our founding fathers in our original Constitution.

We now live in the 21st century and need to become a “civilized” society. No one should be allowed to own a gun of any kind.

The time has come for all of the intelligent, sane citizens to demand an end to all guns in our society. It can be done when we have finally had enough of going to the funerals of innocent little children.

Dennis Levinson
December 26, 2012
Time to ban all guns
[I wonder what he thinks should be done with those non-intelligent, insane, supporters of the “terrorist organization using the name the National Rifle Association”. Jail perhaps? Or maybe psych wards? Progressives in the Soviet Union utilized psychiatric medical institutions to suppress political dissent. With his attitude toward gun owners it’s not hard to imagine he would think it appropriate.

I always find it baffling that people conflate some repugnant anti-rights government support for something, like slavery, with government recognition of a right like the right to keep and bear arms or freedom of speech. Do they think other people can’t tell the difference? Or are they so lacking in the understanding of principles that they cannot distinguish the difference?

I suspect in this case it’s a matter of lack of understanding. If he thinks all it would take is having “enough of going to the funerals of innocent little children” then that demonstrates he has no clue as to the issues involved. Gun in the hands of private citizens save lives. That includes the lives of innocent children. Gun Control Kills Kids! It doesn’t save them.

We have the right to defend innocent life with the best tools available and no government has the authority to disallow that.—Joe]


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  1. “We now live in the 21st century and need to become a “civilized” society.”

    It’s fascinating how the left expects us to believe that a return to authoritarian rule and citizen disarmament is somehow advanced or civilized. In fact, you couldn’t get more backward than that.

    In fact, there’s nothing more advanced, more bold, more noble, more modern, or more civilized than the American a principles of liberty, the notion that each Hunan is born with certain unalienable rights and that government should therefore be subordinated to the rights of the individual.

    After all this time since the Revolution (and more than two thousand years since one certain dude got killed for suggesting it, but who’s counting?) there are still people who can’t wrap their minds around the concept. They start their though process with a total dismissal, or ignorance, of it and proceed from that position.

    • I agree with your overall statement..right until you get to Jesus.

      Can you prove his existence then? I’d like to see this proof.

      • Actually, Lisa, the historical existance of the controversial itinerant jewish rabbi/rabble rouser (depending on who you ask) Yeshua ben Yossif (Jesus, son of Joseph), who was executed by Roman officials around 30AD and was the sourse of the Jewish cult that referred to itself as “Christians” (until expelled from Judaism) is not in question. The standard of documentation from non-Christian (pagan, even) sources is as high or higher than that which is accepted for other historical figures — pretty much anyone lower than the level of the head of state of a major nation (and even some of those!)

        Whether or not Jesus was the Son of God, worked miracles, or returned from the dead may in question — but not his factual existance. He lived, preached, had a significant number of followers, and was executed. Historical fact, as well attested to as some monarchs of his period. Arguing against it is like claiming that Mohammed, Martin Luther, or Saladin didn’t really exist.

  2. I suspect that when a young Mr Levinson was in school, and his instructors asked him not to be so “tardy,” that he mistakenly believed they meant late.


  3. I would note that shootings occur even at funerals, thus necessitating defensive firearms even there, and negating his point.

    I have the absolute right to defend myself and he can go to hell before taking my weapons.

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