7 thoughts on “Not all democrats are slobs

  1. And my first thought was “They’ve been in office _that_ long? Time to ditch the bastards.”

  2. Well. You can’t call them hypocrites. They do their best to trash the country and they live in the same style. Disgusting nonetheless.

  3. This would be the equivalent of saying “not all gun owners are murderers, but….” then bringing up Adam Lanza or “not all republicans love terrorism, but…” then bringing up Ronald Reagan’s love for the mujahideen and Taliban or his supplying Iran with weapons.

    In other words, what I’m trying to say why is it right for you to slam Democratic lawmakers but no one can say a negative word about gun owners or republicans or even libertarians?

    THIS is why the nation is divided. and it needs to stop.

    • I must say though–do not confuse my words. I am NOT saying that Democrat leaders are perfect, or Republican/Libertarian leaders are bad.

      I’m saying that you shouldn’t make negative comments about one then cry fowl when others do the other.

      I actually like a libertarian leader, for example, named Jo..no, sorry Gary Johnson (I get the two confused). I do not like Ron or Rand Paul, but I’ve learned my mistake of lumping them in with other libertarians.

    • Lisa, your point is well taken, but would be a LOT stronger if you used factual examples.

      1. Adam Lanza WAS NOT a gun owner. He MURDERED a gun owner (his mother) and stole her guns.

      2. The Mujahadeen were fighting the biggest national threat our nation faced at the time — the Soviet Union. By supporting them (after DECADES of Communist successes), it had a significant effect on the Soviet union. In fact, the loss in Afghanistan had a DIRECT effect on the collapse of Soviet Communism by affecting both international opinion (in “unaligned”, WarPact, and “Western” nations) AND amongst Soviet citizens and policy makers in showing the Soviets were NOT invincible. “If we cannot even beat a bunch of goat humping rag heads ON OUR OWN BORDER, how can we hold Eastern Europe AND expand into Western Europe?!?” Reagan’s arms races (“Star Wars”, “600-ship Navy”, B-2, etc.) bankrupted them fiscally, but the loss in Afghanistan, coming as it did right when they were at their military peak AND just about broke, _forced_ Glastnost, which triggered the collapse of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, which triggered the collapse of the Soviet Union in general. Mission Accomplished. (BTW, the bulk of the Muj are the guys now known as the Northen Alliance — the guys FIGHTING the Islamicist nutjobs since 1992.)

      3. Regan didn’t support the Taliban — they pretty much were created WELL after he left office by militant students who were in madrasses in Pakistan and NOT fighting in Afghanistan against the Soviets. They only became serious players on teh scene after CLINTON took office, during the civil war that only started in 1992. OBL was a MINOR money guy until the 1992 civil war kicked off. The Taliban has been fighting the guys who made up the majority of the Mujahadeen since they were formed — they NEVER fought the Soviets, nor were supported by Reagan.

      4. The arms deal with Iran released US (and other Weestern) citizens held by terrorists, and had ZERO affect on Iran’s capability for war or terrorism. That’s a PROFESSIONAL judgement, based on what we gave them. Basically, we gave them shiny bling “prestige” toys WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE to speak of. They could not have even QUALIFED shooters for the hardware we gave them, nor was it significantly qualitatively better than what they ALREADY HAD. (And they had SIGNIFICANTLY greater quantities of that stuff already.) Think of all the Third World nations that buy a bunch of top NATO fighters, only to have them become hanger queens that can’t fly, because they lack spares, training, and even qualified mechanics (or even the specialized tools REQUIRED for critical maintenance functions).

      • I used nonsensical points for a reason.

        I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad or get into a debate that wasn’t there, I’m sorry if you took it to mean something else.

        I know all about Reagan’s policies. I didn’t support them when I was 5, I don’t support them now 😛

        My point was, and will remain, that we shouldn’t do x and then cry foul over y.

        We shouldn’t be divided but united basically.

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