We will finally be safe and secure…

…once we have been stripped of the best means of defending ourselves.

That was originally posted on Angelfire as one of the “121 Tenets of Socialism” my brother and I wrote many years ago, and which has since disappeared down the rabbit hole of early internet restructurings and multiple computer replacements. It’s one of the tenets I remember well. They all highlight the blatant logical contradictions we’re expected to embrace in the name of the coming Heaven on Earth that Progressive communism promises in exchange for total surrender to government authority.


3 thoughts on “We will finally be safe and secure…

  1. To channel Rob Allen, Declaw your cat. Cats get into too many fights if they have claws.

    No, there’s nothing you can do about the feral cats out there, but your cat must be declawed.

  2. Meaning that, to make any sort of sense of the left’s assertions, one must regard human beings as domestic animals and some super-human, Earthly elete as our masters, but even then it makes no real sense, as you indicated.

    UNLESS we dismiss the left’s public agruments and ask ourselves if there are people who believe that the Earth is already vastly overpopulated, and they want to do something about it. There wouldn’t be anyone who believes something like that, would there?

    • Wasn’t it one of the plot-movers in H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine that the human race had evolved into Morlocks and Eloi? Sounds like elite, superhuman overlords and a cow-like undermenschen to me.
      We’re already considered tax-paying resources to our lords and masters with reductions in tax counting as expenditures (or whatever the convoluted reasoning that was expressed in one of President Obama’s speeches back in 2009.

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