Brunch at Tam’s Place*

Barb and I went to Idaho this weekend and as we were leaving the area on Sunday we had brunch at Tam’s Place in Pullman (Washington) with daughter Kim and Jacob.



I had a bacon and cheese omelet. I was impressed. The inside was mostly bacon with only enough cheese to fill in the gaps. I opted for the French toast on the side. I could have had hash browns or regular toast. I really liked the meal.


Kim and Jacob seemed to enjoy their meals:


Barb had eggs benedict and said it was marginal.


* No. Not that Tam. But that is what I wanted you to think with the title.


4 thoughts on “Brunch at Tam’s Place*

  1. Helpful hint: never order eggs benedict in a place with gas pumps out front.

    • I had relatively high hopes for the eggs benedict. It was one of the higher priced items on the breakfast menu. I am particular about eggs benedict because it can be one of my favorite breakfast foods. The deal breaker on these was the lack of toasting on the english muffin and most importantly the hollandaise sauce was substandard because it was too yellow, too smooth, not enough flavor with a flat texture. Yes, if I had the power, this one would be filed in “who’s particular about their eggs benedict” but luckily that category doesn’t exist!

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