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Via email from Lou Gagliardi I received links to the following Tweets of theirs with the comment, “There, go ahead and have a field day”.

I’m having a difficult time imagining how or why anyone would transform them into a “field day” but here they are:





For more background see these posts of mine about the same person:


23 thoughts on “A changed mind

  1. I for one welcome the opportunity to change Lou’s mind about guns and gun owners. It may be slow, and it may not happen, but I like knowing I have a chance!

    • As they say in a 12-step program, admitting there is a problem is the necessary first step. If he wants acceptance from people, she first has to see reality for what it is, not for what it is desired to be.

    • I suspect your presence here is causing Lou a great deal of cognitive dissonance.

  2. This is why I try not to write people off altogether. It took me years to come around to an understanding of liberty – I was once a commie sympathizer, now I’m rather rabidly pro-liberty. You can’t reach everyone, but you’d be surprised at some of the ones you can.

    • And right there is the major problem. People call names. you claim to be a “commie sympathizer” when we all know you mean liberal. and “pro-liberty”? yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      I regret sending that email and posting those tweets now. I really do after reading this comment.

      • Um… no, we don’t all know. He might have quite literally been pro-communist in his youth.

        I think you’re looking to take offense where none is being offered, Lou.

      • “I was once a commie sympathizer, now I’m rather rabidly pro-liberty.”
        Ok, how the hell are you getting ‘name calling’ from that? He’s describing what he once was.

      • What we have here is a failure to communicate.

        Oyster was actually sticking up for you, by pointing out his/her own past foolishness.

        Why regret standing up and saying ‘I painted with a broad brush. I was wrong to do so.’?

        • I think no one is a lost cause: even my SIL who I’ve described as a frothing-mouthed Stalinist brought up how the Democrats generally believe that other people are good and can be depended on to do good, which permits a lot of bad to occur. I think the effects of being married and having a child are beginning to be felt.

      • Lou, frankly you appear to be more sensitive to others’ language than your own. After all my mollusc friend wasn’t calling for your imprisonment or execution.

      • Lou, I meant exactly what I said: in my younger years I was literally a communist. I say sympathizer because I never got up and did anything to support the “revolution”. So no, I was not calling names, I was describing exactly what I was. Please tone down the attitude with me.

        As to believing that I’m pro-liberty when you see it, you’re unlikely to do so. Not because I’m not, but because the majority of the work I do is with my kith and kin, promoting self-reliance, providing moral and physical support to those around me, and serving as a lay minister to my community. I haven’t got time to toot my own horn all over the place or spend time “proving myself” to people who spurn my empathy or support. Good day, sir.

  3. Lou, he was making a comment about HIMSELF and how he’s changed. How in the heck can you take offense to that or call it an insult? Especially given how insulting you were towards me on Twitter…..

  4. IF Lou is ever in the Austin, Texas area and would like a free experience of shooting several types of firearms, I’m willing to take him to Red’s Indoor Shooting Range In Pflugerville (after a suitable orientation and safety lesson) (a lesson about shooting, not Pflugerville) to turn some money into noise.

    Lou can contact me via http://www.austinaussies.com if interested.

    • Never going to happen.

      I will never step foot in a shooting range. I will never shop at a business at that allows open carry. I, personally, will never enter a home of a gun owner.

      You can keep your guns, but I will never actively support a person that owns them.

      NOTHING good has come from me being ANYWHERE near a gun.

      • That’s offensive to gun owners. I’m not going to suggest you be rounded up and sent off to the reeducation camps or even demand you apologize or stop posting here. But let me translate that into something that might help you understand our point of view. This is not the way I or anyone I know thinks but is a simple translation of how I view your attitude toward gun owners into something you can relate to better:

        I will never step foot in a LGBT friendly bar. I will never shop at a business at that allows openly gay, cross dressers, or transsexuals. I, personally, will never enter a home of a transsexual or homosexual person.

        You can be a transsexual or homosexual, but I will never actively support a person that is one.

        NOTHING good has come from me being ANYWHERE near a transsexual or homosexual.

        With a gun in about 40% to 50% of U.S. homes (probably higher in your state) it is almost certain you frequently are in homes with guns. And since it is legal in your state to open carry probably every business you go into “allows” open carry.

        Furthermore when you walk down the street something on the order of one person in 50 is legally carrying a concealed firearm.

        I realize you had some very bad experiences with people who owned firearms but the evil was in the person. It was not in the gun and cannot be transferred in the gun. Judge the actions of people toward other people not whether or not they exercise a constitutionally protected right.

        And if you ever change your mind let me know and I’ll find someone LGBT friendly near where you live to give you a pleasant introduction into our community.

        • I am judging the actions of the person.

          I’ll shop online if I have to. I won’t leave the house if what you say is true. That’s fine with me.

          I simply do not trust people with guns. It has nothing to do with the gun, it has to do with the person.

          • If it’s the person, not the gun, then why do you fear / hate / demonize the gun and all other gun owners? Are you also afraid of cops, who almost all carry guns? You are generalizing way beyond the reasonable into the pathological. I realize that feelings are what they are, but you sound like a person that was robbed by a black man, so you are openly boycotting black-owned businesses, talking smack (online at a safe distance) about all blacks in general, and degrading them all for the actions of a few, and the sort of thinking that leads to very bad things happening to innocent people.

          • I wouldn’t know about “afraid of cops,” but she definitely doesn’t like them, and has stated in multiple places and times that at no point will she call on them for help. Which at least makes her not a hypocrite, and I can respect her principles.

            I still stand by my assertion that she is traumatized and that counseling would be beneficial.

          • Judging people you don’t know anything about … if only there was a word for that in English …

      • I’ve been debating how to say this without sounding like a complete douche for a while now, and haven’t had much luck. So I’m just going to say this and hope that you take me at my word when I promise you that I mean you no offense:

        Lou, seek counseling. You are a profoundly angry person who takes offense at the slightest thing and are convinced that the world means you harm. You are clearly suffering from some sort of psychological trauma stemming from when your father shot at you — which is not ANY sign of weakness on your part, I think anyone would be traumatized by that — and it’s affecting the quality of your life.

        I’m not saying you’re broken. I’m saying that I think you would benefit immensely from talking to someone about your anger, and maybe dealing with your trauma would help you become a happier person.

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