Quote of the day—Rabbi Michael Lerner

Banning all guns is necessary but NOT sufficient in light of the increasing violence in our society.

Rabbi Michael Lerner
December 15, 2012
Banning Guns Is Necessary But Not Sufficient
[The Rabbi should check his numbers on the “increasing violence”. Then he should talk to the good folks at JPFO.—Joe]


16 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rabbi Michael Lerner

  1. Next he’ll want to ban sticks and rocks, then maybe even on to mean words.

    And he wants a totalitarian police state to enforce his pacifistic vision.

    He’s Jewish and apparently doesn’t even recognize what he’s asking for….again.

    • He’s a Judenrat!
      As a convert to Judaism, his victim disarmament views disgust me!
      Instead of “Never again”, he champions “Do it again.”
      The Jews of Europe had leaders like him … Who led them to their deaths by telling them to comply with tyranny.

  2. Agreed, despite the experiences of the Jewish People, the Rabbi calls for a culture of “non-violence”, which I’m sure he would force onto those who refuse to comply with his/their visions.

    Again, I respond to people like this with my view that the only workable solution that will allow them to have their predators paradise and us to have our rights is a political separation. Anything short of that will result in a more dysfunctional society and the real possibility of some level of internal conflict.

    • The main problem I see with a political separation is more than likely the land that they’ll want is a lot of the same land I’ll want.

    • Actually, the main problem with ‘poitical separation is that the authoritarian state can not, and will not, leave the free state alone. As it begins to crumble and come unraveled, as it surely will, it will blame its problems on the free state. Eventually, and sooner rather than later, the authoritarian state will attack the free state. That’s a 100% guarantee.

      The very existence of a free state, or of libertarian thought, is a direct and imminent threat to authroitarian ideals. One cannot live in anything resembling peace with the other. They are immediately at odds and at war.

  3. Let me guess, Rabbi – we should round up all gun owners and send them to… relocation centers?

    The sad thing is that hyperbolic as that sounds, it has been suggested time and time again by those who support “gun control”.

  4. If George Soros could write his own religious philosophy and have it disseminated widely across the globe, that would pretty much be it, right there;

    Take the ideals of love, personal responsibility and respect for others of Judaism and use them as window dressing to sell us an all-powerful, global totalitarian, authoritarian redistributionist, anti-human, Eugenicist hell. The same thing is being done to the Catholic Church. Essentially it’s Rev. Wright in a different costume.

    What I don’t quite understand is how easily some people seem to fall for it. It looks pretty blatantly transparent to me. I figure that a person must first be indoctrinated into the authoritarian frame of mind. Having already taken his place in the “chain of command” and become an authority figure above his lessers and below his watchful superiors, he’ll eat this shit up like it’s a feast. He’ll accept the path to death and destruction as though it were the very essence of life itself.

    It would take a religious leader of highly unusual courage and conviction to turn something like that around, once it’s been so deeply entrenched.

    And there’s the rub; major religions having a communist/Fascist taint to them are giving religion itself an extremely bad name. How clever.– How “deliciously evil” is that, eh?

  5. Some time ago I read an article — wish I could remember where — that attempted to give a historical explanation of the widespread anti-gun leaning among jews. As I recall, it had to do with having been a small minority for about 2000 years, which meant having to stay inconspicuous in all the various dictatorships they lived in. A policy of deliberate harmlessness helps — if you’re unable to make waves you’re more likely to be left alone, so long as the resident dictator is not overly evil.
    Of course that stops working if the resident dictator IS sufficiently evil, as in the Inquisition or the nazi empire. But I guess it has worked well enough in other places that it became a part of the culture. Aaron Zelman worked hard to fix that, but it’s a tough battle.

  6. Since it *is* Hanukkah, maybe he’d like to have this discussion with Judah the Maccabee.

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