Quote of the day—Ed Koch

When Washington, D.C., passed a law that nobody could have a gun except law enforcement and it was struck down by the United States Supreme Court, that we should overrule the Supreme Court with a Constitutional amendment. I don’t believe that in our society that we should have guns.

Ed Koch
Former New York City Mayor
January 13, 2013
Ex-NYC mayor: Ban all guns


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ed Koch

  1. Did Ed Koch have armed guards? Presumably yes. Certainly Bloomberg did. A typical case of “guns for me, but not for thee” (apologies to Nat Hentoff).

  2. What more would you expect from an established New York City Progressive? In an effort to be accommodating, I’ll offer this suggestion to the current crop of Progressives that continue to think like Ed. Go on, create your version of Nirvana, without guns, profits, individual rights, personal responsibility or self reliance. I’ll support you.

    As soon as you allow the regions (fly over country to be succinct) that don’t share your views to have their own society, with all the things you detest. Of course, we all know that you (as a group) rely more on governmental force and violence to force compliance YOUR views and the extraction of the wealth to (partially) finance your schemes and re-distribution of the wealth of society.

    So, despite an effort to reach out and be accommodating, I’ll guess the only answer that will properly answer your question and goals is;

    Molon Labe.

  3. Molon Labe? They are working on that. Via the Blaze, NYC is sending out “turn them in” letters. The example they have is that registration leads to lists, and on the list they show is someone being required to, among others, turn in a bolt-action Marlin 22. Yeah, we know know many drive-bys bolt-action 22s are used in.

  4. Unlike many, Ed Koch never hid his anti-gun bias. He was always upfront and proud about it.

    • You tend not to be elected that way in most parts of the country if you’re so open about it, and so they must use stealth.

      “If you like your plan (or your guns) and you can keep your plan (or guns). Period.”

      You make a photo-op of going to Billy Bob’s Bait Barn in Winamuka while wearing camo and a fud hat, and “gettin’ yersef a huntin’ license here. Derp derp…”

      • Living in Texas I see the occasional anti campaigning on a pro gun lie. Wendy Davis is doing that right now.

  5. Koch used to be featured on AM1130 – Bloomberg Business News. He took live callers.
    About seven years ago I called in, asking him to respond to what I had heard for years that gun permits (esp full carry) in NYC are there for the taking if you’re a celebrity, uber-wealthy and/or well connected.
    “Nonsense,” he responded. “You just have to do the paperwork. For those who have a shop or small business, you can get a premise permit (a permit to own with somewhat less hassle than a ‘full carry’).” “Besides, New Yorkers shouldn’t be carrying guns anyway.”
    (Interesting, if depressing bit of “trivia” that people outside of NYC might not know – a “full carry” issued in NYC is good for the whole state, but any permit issued outside of Manhattan, including ‘upstate’ and the boroughs is invalid within those borders.)

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