Ammo by the pound

This could be a good deal for a lot of uses. Ammo by the pound. Think of this as “shelf sweepings”.

“Black Friday” only and the limited quantities will disappear fast.

Via email from Eric the AmmoMan, who said in part:

we’re doing something kind of cool for Friday related to loose-pack ammo— lots of it. Basically, we’ve sorted out any rounds where the boxes have been damaged so we’ll have ammo for dirt-cheap (For example – 2100 rounds of .22 delivered in an ammo can for $99).

You can see all the details and calibers we’ll have in stock here:

If you think it’s worth sharing, the ammo will be put “in-stock” on Friday morning at midnight.  We’re limiting each caliber to one per customer since it is kind of a unique deal and we want to help as many shooters as possible.


1 thought on “Ammo by the pound

  1. There were enough of us doing this to slam their servers – so despite being right on the dot, I didn’t get any. I eventually got it in my cart – but the need to keep refreshing constantly meant that I didn’t get any .22 before they were all gone. I don’t think they were really ready for tonight…

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