It depends on how I feel

Yesterday I posted some screen clippings of Tweets by @lougagliardi. Today I received these Tweets directed at me from them:

.@JoeHuffman hates free speech. He hates people that disagree with him. Why is he so angry? what is he trying to compensate for?

— Me (@lougagliardi) November 26, 2013

interesting that @JoeHuffman believes the screenshots of a pro-gun, transphobic bigot without actual links to anything. should sue for libel

— Me (@lougagliardi) November 26, 2013


This gave me flashbacks and other symptoms of mild PTSD from years of dealing with someone with mental health issues. @lougagliardi lives in an alternate universe where they imagine I have written things that have no basis in our reality.

If I hated free speech, in particular speech by @lougagliardi, why would I posted their Tweets? Where is the evidence I hate free speech?

Where have I said @lougagliardi should be sued for libel or anything for that matter?

@lougagliardi either imagines I have said things I have not or believes they can read my mind and spectacularly fails when they attempt to do so. I can feel the anxiety rise up as the flashbacks occur of these same things happening to me before.

All that remains to complete the connection to interactions I once had with someone else with mental health issues is to ask, “What is the process by which you determine truth from falsity?” And their reply being, conclusively confirming the mental health issues, “It depends on how I feel.”


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    • Okay. I can see the libel thing going the other way. Without capitalization of the first word of the sentence and poor grammar I overlooked the period after “anything”. Taking “should sue for libel” as a complete sentence instead of part of the previous sentence completely changes the meaning.

      Thanks for clarifying that.

  1. If you hated free speech, you’d not let their inane drivel stay posted in comments, and instead use a Joan Peterson type of “reasoned discourse” and delete all dissenting opinions. But hey, little things like facts or logic are of no use to the brain damaged.

  2. PTSD? Better take your guns away then…dipsticks. On a serious note, sympathies on your past dealings. I have an ex wife with Borderline Personality Disorder and an uncle with schizophrenia. A person close to you with mental issues can be quite taxing.

    • Sadly, some people want to make it taxing for EVERYONE to shuffle money around and pay for a huge array of “mental health” services that are not nearly as necessary as treating major schizophrenia.

  3. I was paging through Lou’s blog. A lot of woe is me. Maybe he/she is having a rough go of things but they’re not exactly endearing themselves to me with their attitude.

    Noticed something interesting though. Evidently Lou doesn’t get along with the LGBT community either. I was badly tempted to comment with ‘You know, maybe the problem isn’t the LGBT community, or the gun community. Maybe, just maybe, it’s you.’

    • It honestly does not matter to me if I ‘endear’ myself to you. You are one person on the internet.

      I was warming up to the idea of gun ownership. I’d even admit that my thought process was wrong, it’s not the person. I’d even admit that a gun ban would be wrong. I’d go so far as to admit that I was wrong about self-defense.

      But that doesn’t mean I was wrong that we don’t need to do something sensible (arming teachers, who work in a stressful environment to begin with is not sensible) about these shootings.

      But when met with hostility it is natural to combat back with hostility. If you wish to see that as a mental illness or whatever, that’s on you. As for my father, I blame him 100%. He was abusive to my mother when he left her, he was abusive to me when he actually got custody of me. I was shot, to be honest I can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 times. I was 14 and I’ve tried to block it from memory. I do know that I walk with a slight limp down.

      Does this excuse my own hostility? No. Do I want sympathy, or even forgiveness? No. But I am willing to open myself to dialogue and to learn more, to become better educated before I make another comment.

      • Playing the ‘I had a rough home life’ card only goes so far. You’re thirty now; don’t blame your upbringing for being a dick in the present.

        You complain of hostility, but you, bluntly put, painted entire swaths of people as murderers by proxy with your tweets. No, don’t deny it. The images are saved. You can’t get away from them. So don’t cry about it when you picked a fight with the gazebo.

        Now, if you want to say ‘I was wrong; I want to have a constructive argument’, then this place (like many other gunblogs) is willing to let you make it. But I daresay the next time you invoke that whiny ‘transphobic’ bullshit, Erin over there is probably going to hunt you down and ram ponies up your ass.

        • I have actually messaged Linoge and asked him about it. IF he says it was a mistake then I will retract and apologize.

          Can you show where I said I blamed it? I gave a reasoning to show my thought process, nothing more. I do not blame it beyond how it influenced me.

          Yes, I did. and as my recent tweets show I am recanting them and apologizing for it. Or at least I am attempting to.

          I have started to read GunFight by Adam Winkler. It’s persuasive so far.

      • Why is arming teachers not sensible? Police work in high stress situations, and we let them go armed. Seems to me it would make sense to let the people who supposedly care the most about the students, who are always on site, and who are the most familiar with the environment (and therefor most able to spot anomalies) go armed.

        • More to the point, teachers were able to (and many did) carry while teaching for decades, up until the 1990’s. . . yet they did not routinely run around shooting people, letting their guns get grabbed by students so they could shoot people, etc.

          And we have incidents where teachers HAVE stopped violent offenders (including AT SCHOOL) with their guns. Plus, the experience of teachers in other, HIGHER stress positions overseas, being routinely armed without negative impacts.

          We actually have MORE data points supporting allowing teachers to be armed than we do supporting disarming them.

  4. It is worth noting that, as I predicted, Lou has since deleted the tweets in question, is lying about their existence, and is claiming that Joe has fabricated the entire thing, including the tweets.

    Suffice to say, you are not dealing with a sane nor rational individual, nor one even aware of what “truth” or “reality” mean; proceed accordingly.

  5. It’s easy to recognize the tactic: lie, lie, lie, then counter-accuse.

    The tactic’s in all the lib instruction manuals.

  6. This sure reminds me of the pathology we’ve seen elsewhere in the Internet involving the BK crime family and his horde of Twitter sockpuppet harassers.

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