Ignorance and bias

The headline is “Police find 5 guns, large ammo stash in George Zimmerman’s home.” The text of the article says, “police found five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition in the house.”

“Large ammo stash”?

When I buy either components for reloading ammo or completed ammo I consider 100 “sample size”. When reloading, unless I’m doing load development, the smallest batch of anything is 100.

100 rounds isn’t enough for an ordinary morning pistol match. When at a match I carry close to that many (typically about 85) rounds in the magazines on my belt. I could easily burn through that in a two minutes of practice. A single ammo can holds about 1000 rounds of .40 S&W and I have several cans in my gun room. A year ago I bought 4000 rounds of .22 LR (yeah, great timing!) which I could probably have stored in my coat pockets.

If I’m down to 100 units of any type of ammo I consider that “out” and time to restock.

Ignorance or bias by the reporter? Ignorance and bias?


11 thoughts on “Ignorance and bias

  1. Both.

    Not realizing that 100 rounds is barely enough to load all the magazines in those five guns simultaneously, assuming standard-capacity magazines and not REAL “high-capacity” ones, and only one or two per gun. That’s ignorance.

    The rest of the article – its tone in particular – is bias. Describing Zimmerman as “the former neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager” is bias. “Before his arrest, Zimmerman could legally own guns.” Shocking! And pure bias.

    The phrase “AR-15 assault rifle” also pops up. Could be either ignorance or bias, but I’m going to pre-emptively call it both.

    Also, I’d like to know what relevance the other items seized – “two cellphones, a religious pendant, a flashlight, a pocket knife, a sanitizing wipe and a pack of gum” – have to the case, and if they were listed on any warrant. Two cellphones? You mean, one for each person? Truly, that’s evidence of criminal mischief! [/sarcasm]

    • I have at least six cellphones to my name, and that is before you count the other people in the house. They get old and replaced, and since they all still work there is no reason to throw them out (some of them get given to friends as loaners when theirs break etc.). Just because I have something does not mean I am using it, or that it is even useful.

      This kind of things reminds me of treating normal, rational activities as terrorist indicators. “He has two cell phones, he must be a drug dealer!” is the same to me as “He said he believes the government should return to its constitutional roots, he must be a terrorist!” The police (and/or the news) are stupid for thinking multiple cell phones is noteworthy. I could give the police a pass, since they do consider phones pertinent to most investigations (they can contain evidence) and noting them is just part of precessing, but why the hell does the news guy think it is worth print? If he had a word requirement couldn’t he have found something (anything) more interesting to fill the space? This kind of thing screams “I suck at my job.”

  2. Oh man… With the exception of some guns that are more curiosities to me (like a .375 H&H mag) if I’m down to 100 rounds of a certain caliber it’s worse than restock time. It’s “How did my life unravel and get to this point?” time.

  3. He had 2 loaded magazines for the AR. If you took the remaining ammo and filled the KSG and one magazine for the Glock, you’d already be at nearly 100 rounds. The guy clearly needs to stop spending money on psychotic women and start spending it on more important things.

  4. Try and look at this through the insanity-colored glasses of the reporter…

    If the only purpose of a gun is to kill, and we know that George Zimmerman is capable of “murdering an innocent, unarmed child” in one shot…

    That’s a lot of dead choir boys.

    I wonder sometimes what the world looks like to these people…then I stop wondering because thinking about it hurts my head.

  5. Hell, I have about 100 GUNS – with ammo for each of them. Not to mention the ammo and mags for guns I either no longer own, or plan to buy some day.

    • Hell, I have 100 rounds in my KITCHEN, and 220 rounds in my LIVING ROOM, because I need to straighten up. . . (The real ammo stash is in the gun room.)

  6. According to the leftist media, 100 rounds is a “large ammo stash” and seven guns is an “arsenal” or “weapons cache” LOL. I bet the average gun owner in the United States that likes to go target shooting has at least 10 guns. If you had 1 AR, 1 hunting rifle, 1 shotgun, 1 22 rifle and 1 22 pistol and finally a defensive carry pistol or two, you are already up to 6 or 7 easily. Maybe you like to carry a Shield in the summer and a 1911 in the winter. Stoopid media.

  7. Calling 100 rounds of ammo a “large” amount is the same as calling 2 kilos of pasta a “hoard” of food during the Stalin famines where hoarding and sabotage and counterrevolutionary activities were fill-in-the-blank offenses designed to fill the gulags and cow the populace.

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