This is what they think of you

Via a Tweet from Linoge:


After you grasp the fact that this person regards gun owners as “murderers who hate children” think about what the next step is. What is the normal disposition of “murderers who hate children”?

My conclusion is that this person wants people who exercise the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arm in prison or executed. And just what does someone like this think of people who defend Second Amendment? My speculation is they are hostile to the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments as well as the Second.

These are very, very dangerous people.

Update: Linoge emailed me more tweets from this person. Imagine if they were saying these things about blacks, Jews, or gays. It reinforces my conclusion that these are very dangerous people.












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  1. That’s not the half of it; I will have to email you the rest of the screencaps I have from that particular account.

  2. Lou is an exceedingly angry person. Every time I read her posts, or look at her sad little blog filled with vitriol that no one reads (I say that because last I checked, there were no comments on anything), I feel like she’s one step away from a stroke or an aneurysm.

    What distresses me the most is the way she uses Rainbow Dash for her avatar. Ponies are supposed to represent love and tolerance and friendship, and yet she spews such hate for us.

    I wrote a blog post about it, if you want to read it.

    • It’s pretty disturbing, but not surprising. They have to make us the bad guy, because if they don’t, there’s really no one to vent their vitriol on save the actual perpetrators.

      I remember remarking on how leftists do not comprehend how the world is amoral, and that bad things can sometimes happen to good people for no reason. In their eyes, if something bad happened to you, someone -caused it to happen-.

      Combine that with the intense desire to demonize opponents — to declare that the opposition is not just wrong, but EVIL — and you have pretty much every roadmap every dictator of the 19th and 20th century has used to achieve power, ever.

  3. Imagine if they were saying these things about blacks, Jews, or gays.

    They are! There are plenty of blacks, jews and gays who own guns. Lou insists he “will never respect” Martin Luther King.

    It doesn’t matter if someone is a saint who has never even pointed a gun on anyone he will consider any gay man with a gun as a murderer who hates children and unworthy of respect unless they are defenseless in the face of hatred and violence.

  4. This tends to bring Joe’s “Jews in the Attic Test” concept into sharp relief, since people are already talking about rounding up gun owners, calling them murderers, and wanting to hang them from their toes or worse. That sounds exactly like what was being said about Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled and other “undesirables” in Germany in the ’20s and ’30s.

    And there is a direct, straight-line ideological connection between Progressives of today and German National Socialists of the early 20th century who got many of their ideas from American Progressives. Never forget it. Hillary, for one, proudly calls herself an “early 20th century Progressive”.

    If you’re really considered a murderer and a piece of shit, there’s no limit to what the accusers will do to you if given the chance and the backing of their peers. You are sub human AND you are a threat and an impediment to the glorious system of equality and justice that the Marxists believe in with what can only be described as a religious fervor.

    These are the Useful Idiots– an army of zombies carefully and painstakingly bred through decades of social engineering. They are the victims of psychological warfare. As though having been bitten by the master vampire, they now lust for your blood and they are under his control.

  5. And bear in mind those are just the tweets I was able to / thought about screencapping. Lou has a remarkable history / pattern of saying something, getting called on the carpet about it, deleting the tweet, and then lying about its existence. This is particularly disturbing when one has screencaptures of the tweet, and then he still lies about its existence, and then claims you lied about him saying it. It is even more disturbing (and perversely amusing, at the same time) when he forgets that he is using one of his alternate accounts, says something to you, deletes it, says the exact same thing from the main account screencapped above, and then lies about having alternate accounts (for those curious, one of his alternate accounts is “@pan0x”).

    For example, he has lied, and no doubt will lie again, about ever saying this:

    (Sorry about not sending that one along; just remembered I had it.)

    In other words, Erin is right, but also wrong – Lou is a very angry individual, but he is also a very sick individual, and he may honestly not believe / recognize that he is lying through his teeth.

    I will not lie – that kind of mentality scares me a bit. That is the kind of mind that would be gainfully employed in Room 101.

    (Note: Yes, Lou is transgendered, and has identified as female in the past. However, for whatever reason, he appears to be identifying as male these days; damned if I can keep up.)

    • You mentioned he/she has a blog. Can you supply a link to it?

      I understand if you don’t want to, I’m just curious to see how much brain damage this special snowflake has.

      • Oh jeez. I stumbled onto it through a curious-sounding link to my blog some time after I wrote that piece. I don’t recall the name of it or the name under which Lou blogs. For all I know, the entire thing could have been memory holed.

        Best advice I can offer is to scour Lou’s twitter feed to see if there are any links to a blog post.


        • Ah yes, that would be the one.

          And hey! Look! Apparently all you guys are transphobic!

          Which means that I immediately got hate mail and death threats from you all when I came out about being genderqueer back in August!

          Except… wait… you didn’t. Instead, I got nothing but love and support and acceptance from gun owners, many of whom are varying degrees of libertarian or conservative.

          Hey, Joe Huffman! You don’t care that I’m a girl with boy plumbing, do you?

          • She wouldn’t kill you. She would ignore you and watch me to see my reaction.

            I would be polite but decline such an invitation.

          • The irony has not escaped me. Of course, Lou will probably intimate that you are either faking, or are some flavor of traitor.

            Speaking of flavors, gonna smoke a 20-lb turkey tomorrow. Nummy!

          • Regarding the whole gender perception thing, I distinctly remember a conversation Lou had with someone else on Twitter about how it found it was going to identify as male these days, simply because it perceived that to be “easier”. Of course, that conversation has since been deleted, which makes it all the easier to demonize people like me who cannot keep up with its arbitrary and whimsical gender “reassignments”.

            Regarding the rest… *shrug*. Seems like the deranged and irrational rantings of a paranoiac with a victim complex, and thus not even worth rebutting.

  6. Liberals love the whole tribalism/identity-politics game. And in that mindset, if you have a problem, you have to have bad guys… it can’t be members of your “clan” that are at fault.

    Are there problems with violence, the economy, the environment, education, etc.? Blame it on the conservative gun-owners. In fact, wouldn’t it be better if all of these people just… disappeared? Then our road to the perfect society would finally be clear!

    And if there’s anything that statist ideologies have proven over the years, it’s that they’re willing to pile up as many bodies as they need to so utopia can finally be achieved.

  7. Such individuals walk the streets freely. Think about that. They manned the death camps and ovens. They stone those who disagree with them. They can found in many walks of life but are concentrated in faculty lounges. They produce nothing, devastate places like Detroit, Newark and Chicago and then move on to spread their plague to places where a civil society exists.

    This creature is evil. He is the modern Democrat.

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