They lie. They can’t help themselves

Over at Sebastian’s he talks about the distortion of the language by the anti-gun people. In specific the attempt to change the meaning of the phrase “well regulated militia” from “well functioning” to “government regulated”. And how it upset him when he found out about it:

I went through most of the Clinton years not understanding how the Assault Weapons Ban was even remotely constitutional, and wondering why nothing was done about it. When I found out, I became angry.

It was just a few minutes ago when I was having lunch with Barb L. I told her about Speaker of the House Tom Foley losing his seat over the AWB. At about that same time she was a Washington State lobbyist and generally pretty plugged into Washington State politics. But she didn’t understand how he lost his seat.

I explained it was because of the AWB and there were two things that really, really pissed us off above and beyond the ban itself.

One was they called the ban “Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act”. It’s a firearms use protection act that bans guns? They lie. It’s what they do. They can’t help themselves.

And the other was that Foley kept the voting open for several minutes after the stated voting period had expired. The bill failed but by keeping the voting open they got people to change their votes until they had enough for passage. He then closed the voting. The video of him doing that was incredible propaganda for the pro-gun side during his election that fall. Foley became the first sitting Speaker of the House to lose his bid for re-election since Galusha Grow in 1862.

If the gun owners his district in Eastern Washington could have gotten away with it I’m sure you could have sold thousands of tickets to use a horse whip on him.


4 thoughts on “They lie. They can’t help themselves

  1. Come to think of it, the same abuse of “regulated” appears in modern day practice of using the Commerce Clause to justify any and all usurpations Congress happens to pass.

  2. The name of that bill shows the contempt these people have for their constituents. They actually have the gall to think that people won’t question what’s in their bills so long as these bills have nice-sounding names.

    They may as well have called it the “If you like your guns, you can keep your guns– period” bill.

  3. Lies are all perfectly OK if you’re lying to infidels, you see. It’s no different from deceiving the enemy in war. It’s part of the process– Whatever it takes. It’s just a matter of how good you are at it compared to the other guy.

    If everyone were totally committed to their brand of authoritarianism, politicians wouldn’t need to lie to people. Those not on their side are obstructionists, “gumming up the works” and so they must be defeated and all’s fair in war.

    I’ve seen this happen; those on the same side will cheer a liar, and compliment his brilliant lying abilities. The media were all atwitter over Bill Clinton’s ability to lie, for example. They did special TV programs about how lying isn’t always a bad thing, or how it could even be a good thing.

    Would YOU feel guilty lying to a known murderer if it helped to defeat him? Would you tell the truth to an enemy combatant if it might jepordize your comrades? I hope not. Does that make you a lying liar who lies? Doesn’t it depend on what you’re protecting, and what you’re trying to defeat? Or is telling the truth ALWAYS the better plan?

    So we’re talking about ideology here, about which ideology you serve. We’re talking about who or what you’re willing to serve or to betray.

    Deception is part of any conflict. Isn’t the issue really all about what you stand for?

    Or is the issue all about avoiding conflict? If we’re going to stay out of any and all conflict, then is there no need or cause for deception of any kind?

    So what are we talking about? Should a person always be truthful no matter what the circumstance?

  4. They are “Liberals” they lie it is genetic. They possess no trust capital and should be shunned at every opportunity.

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