The law does not apply to us

I used to work for a government lab. One of my most persistent memories is of when a co-worker vigorously asserted, “See this badge? This means the law doesn’t apply to us. The people that enforce these laws are the same people that want this work done.”

It’s as if these exact words were used when building the Obamacare web site:

H/T Joey for the email.


4 thoughts on “The law does not apply to us

  1. The solution is that anyone that accepts a government contract accepts responsibility for it. If they are responsible for knowing something, and they cannot or refuse to answer about it, pleading ignorance or “someone else makes that call,” they they are no longer eligible to work for anyone receiving any government contract money, and their company is no longer able to bid on or accept government contracts. With pay comes responsibility. If you are unwilling to accept one, then you are unable to collect the other.

  2. It’s the Nuremberg defense all over again isn’t it?
    “Someone else makes that decision” is the same thing as “You can’t hold me responsible– I was only following orders”.

    The criminal mind starts out blaming others for its suffering. That’s how the crimes are justified prior to committing them. It’s no wonder then that the criminal tends to blame others when confronted about it after the fact.

    This is “Social Justice” which is, in the criminal (Progressive, “anti colonial”, Liberation Theology) mind, getting even with the world. Why should they even bother to answer questions from the people they’re getting even with?

    Picture a totally committed jihadist being questioned by Jews. Functionally it’s the same thing. Any jihadists looking on, or in this case the ideological Marxists and Progressives, are going to cheer on the person doing the evading and the obfuscating. How DARE anyone ask THEM any questions at all?– That’s the only real problem here. If they can smirk and evade and say stupid things, they’re chalking up “points” with their ideological brethren. The people asking the questions are nothing but insects, cockroaches, they’re in the way, obstructing, “gumming up the works” as Obama put it. They needn’t be given so much as the time of day. That they draw breath at all is a crime, an injustice, a towering, glaring insult in and of itself.

    That’s how the socialist/Progressive/authoritarian/jihadist/criminal mind operates. There are varying degrees and levels of dedication to it, but that’s it. In short it’s plain old hatred.

    And SO; you must be very careful in ever considering yourself a victim.

    • …Because when you do, you’ve become infected, and now you’re a carrier, a sort of Typhoid Mary, duplicating the disease as you go through life. It’s an identity that duplicates, reproduces itself, much like a virus.

  3. Lyle, as for the opponents of the enlightenment being subhuman insects, I recall Peter Malkin’s “Eichmann in My Hands”, where Malkin had long conversations with Eichmann as they worked on smuggling him out of Argentina. I forget the exact quote, but it was something on the order of how could such cruelty be done to small children? Eichmann’s answer was breathtaking in its directness and lack of empathy. “But — they were Jews.”
    There may be hope yet, though, my Stalinist Sister-in-Law blames everything on human greed, but a few days ago observed that the Democrats believe people to be basically good, and can be trusted to do the right thing, which I think is a first step towards a realistic world view.

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