Higher rates than entire countries

In addition to being extremely ignorant about guns many anti-gun people have no clue about math:

Some U.S. cities have higher gun murder rates than entire countries.

I find it amazing someone can pack so much stupid into a single sentence.

First off “gun murders” are an extremely biased measure of crime. It presumes that murders by various method are independent of each other. They are not. Substitution of weapons are well known to criminologist who study these things. If it were possible to eliminating firearms from society the murder rate would not be reduced by an amount corresponding to the number “gun murders” prior to the flying unicorns carrying off with all firearms.

Furthermore, firearms are far more frequently used as defensive tools than as offensive weapons. Any law which hopes to decrease their use as an offensive tool must be carefully crafted and enforced such that it does not decrease the availability and use as a defensive tool more than it does as an offensive tool. To the best of my knowledge no such law has ever existed. Hence infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms, no matter how insignificantly, actually runs a strong risk of contributing to increases violent crime.

Second, saying someplace has a higher rate of anything than entire country only demonstrates how stupid the person is. If someone lives alone and commits suicide that household has a 100% suicide rate. This is a higher rate than every city, county, and country on the planet. If Tom McKay, who wrote the article, thinks his statement is of any significance whatsoever beyond making scary sounding noises he truly has crap for brains.


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  1. I find it ironic that at the bottom of that policymic page is a link to another article on that site titled ‘When the Government Says “Trust Us,” Run For the Hills’.

  2. I’m positive this wasn’t the point that he was trying to make, but a lot of cities in the US do have a higher gun murder rate than the entire country of the US. Perhaps we should change the gun laws in those cities that skew the national average up so that they matched the gun laws in the parts of the US that skew the national murder rate down.

    • Perhaps this “We” person of which you speak should put an end to the cultural acceptance of government coercion. There could be no gun restrictions in that case. Does anyone have We’s contact information? I’d like to speak with him.

    • I guess what you’re saying is that there are a bunch of places where the xyz rate is above average. Duh. Unless you’re in Lake Woebegun, or Jimmy Carter, that would make sense.

  3. The use of the word “entire” is a deliberate piece of deception intended to make the reader think of totals, when they are comparing rates. Cities are where the crime is concentrated. Don’t compare Miami to Colombia- compare it to Bogota.

  4. Gun murder, apparently, is far worse than murders committed by other means.

    “Gun murder” rates and rates of murder by other means, in disarmed communist countries has been known to be quite high. Let’s compare the rates of murder in the Bolshevik period of Russia, the Pol Pot reign in Cambodia, and the Cultural Revolution in China to those of the earlier U.S. when we had no gun restrictions.

    Anyway all this statistic stuff, as usual, real or made up, ignores the moral superiority of liberty as compared to any of its alternatives, so I must apologies for. Wing even momentarily dragged down into it and away for the issue at hand. It assumes that there is a mythical Mr. We (many people’s imaginary friend) who is and properly should be in charge of tweaking and adjusting all the various possible violations of human rights so as to achieve his desired ends.

    There are people who must find a way to quit believing in this We person. He’s apparently some kind of inhuman rat bastard that never needs to held to any standards beyond getting his way in the form of statistical outcomes. He’s an elitist with no morals. He must be a Fabian socialist and a Eugenicist then, and so he has no place in American society.

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