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If carrying a gun is counter productive because the bad guy will just take it away from you and use it against you then you don’t have anything to worry about with bad guys having guns. This is because you can just take the gun away from them and use it against them.

If you then don’t have anything to fear from the bad guys having guns then there is no problem with good guys carrying guns. Therefore there shouldn’t be any laws restricting gun ownership or carrying in public.

Anti-gun logic fails again.


15 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Haven’t heard this pile of Bravo Sierra recently. Unfortunately haven’t heard the “The Gun Laws We Have are Ineffective” one either. The latter I always just ask “OK which should we repeal?”

    Still maybe like the “Finger Twitch” trope, it might just be hibernating.

  2. Joe’s irrefutable circumferential argument misses the central point of the anti-gunners: anyone, and they mean ANYONE (except their own jack booted thug forces) that possesses a firearm is defined to be a bad guy, a small dicked (even women) paranoid mass murderer sooner or later, likely sooner.

    So even in Joe’s airtight analysis, from the anti-gun side the view is that only bad guys have guns. And anyone with a gun should be arrested, convicted and jailed (or worse) for possessing a gun, unless they are actual violent criminals, who deserve the full protection of laws limiting the abuses of the justice system, because a violent criminal should not have to go to jail for the failures of society and government to mold that person into a model of civic minded Democrat voting.

    • Further, once a crime victim turns the tables on the bad guy and gets his gun – the victim instantaneously becomes the bad guy (by mere possession) and the bad guy becomes the new victim (if he wasn’t already a victim of society).

      What’s more, if proper background checks have not been done before the victim acquires the firearm from the bad guy, an illegal transfer took place, and the former victim (now doubly bad) could be prosecuted for that.

      • Ah ha, so the original bad guy and his original victim end up snatching the gun back and forth from one another, ad infinitum, until they either get bored with it or pass out from lack of food or sleep or something.

        Someone should do videos on the various Progressive (insane) assertions like this, the way it was done on gun free zones.

        This gun snatching assertion is an excellent candidate. You have a basic mugging turn into this snatch, grab, snatch, grab and eventually a cop shows up and HIS gun gets snatched, and so they’re grabbing two guns around continuously in a circle of three…and maybe some more armed people show up and….and you get some jugglers involved who can juggle the guns back and forth in complex ways and…
        Man, I hate it when that happens.

    • It still doesn’t matter. If we’re all bad guys., then our guns are a danger only to ourselves as they get taken and used against us.

      So; we’re looking at a chain of grab-and-shoot. Your gun gets taken and used asgainst you, the person who took it then gets it taken and used against HIM, and it never stops until there’s only one person left standing on the planet. Progressives should love this– They’re always saying there are billions too many people on Earth.

  3. I think this demonstrates that you’re able to think like them.

    I think you should be worried you’ve hit your head and hurt something.

  4. I want to know why they always assume a criminal is some sort of martial arts commando dude you couldn’t possibly fight off.

    • This is, of course, yet another example of people thinking that what they see in movies is somehow something that happens in real life. The good guy shoots the gun out of the bad guy’s hand, he’s able to snatch the gun away before the finger twitches, and he doesn’t need to aim but hits everything he wants to hit, with one fatal bullet each. “The force is strong with this one”. Or the farce.

  5. Watch the opening scene of the original Stars Wars movie (IV: A New Hope).
    Even Darth Vader had armed guards.

    • He was obviously putting himself at grave risk then, as any little school girl could take those guards’ guns away at a whim and use them against Vader.

      • Any school girl. Yup. As Sam Spade said in “The Maltese Falcon”, “A crippled Newsie took them from him.”

  6. To all the bad guys out there, please attempt to take my gun away. It is not some fancy new fangled citizen blaster designed for cop use, it’s your basic snubby revolver but I can ventilate you several times before you know what hit you.

  7. I like a paraphrase of what Clint Smith said (in reference to a home defense carbine, but the principle applies):

    You can snatch my gun if you like, but you better hang on, ’cause it’s gonna be an E-ticket ride, with fireworks included free!

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