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There are all kinds of “survivalists” and “preppers” in the world. Most are good folks, if a bit odd. Some are… not so acceptable. I came across this article about a group that explicitly says in a major disaster, which they expect, their plan is to take what they need. Not stockpile their own stuff, but take it from their neighbors. I.e, they plan to become looters. They claim to have “80 dues-paying members.” But I have to admit, the last paragraph in the story really gave me a laugh – it tells me they are really not all that clued in about their working environment. Situational awareness operates at many levels, and it seems they are seriously missing the big picture in a major way.


8 thoughts on “Prepping – know your environment

  1. Hmm, they are of course Obama supporters.

    The attrition rate among their group would be extremely high, as in, once their actions were known they’d be hunted down like coyotes. And hereabouts anyway we view coyote hunting as a sport. I hope they like living in fear, in little holes in the dirt, on barely accessable slopes in thick brush, but me and my dog, and a hundred neighbors and their dogs, can find them anyway.

  2. There is a famous case in Torts in Law School that deals with a threat, and it turned on the conditional nature of the threat, said with the victim’s hand on his sword, “If it were not assize time, I would smite you with this sword,” which was said to indicate he was not actually going to whack the other person now (when court was in town).
    This slug hasn’t actually hurt his neighbors — yet — so his words are vague threats with no immediacy.

    On the other hand, he has others involved in this plan, so there is the issue of conspiracy. All it takes to complete the crime of conspiracy is an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. At the very least, leaving his house to go to the house of one of his co-conspirators after some natural disaster is a sufficient overt act, and everyone in his group can be arrested and charged. When such overt acts become sufficiently immediate to constitute a threat to the life and safety of another is an open question, but certainly if he came up my front walk I would, in the words of Colonel Cooper, “make ready.” I wouldn’t wait to see if he was interested in any cooperative ventures.

  3. The guy is an idiot. There are so many problems with what he is planning, it is laughable.
    These out of shape losers think that they are going to run around with 100 pounds of bathroom tile wrapped in duct tape and fiberglass because the special forces in Afghanistan do it?
    Then when they are all tired and gasping for air, what are they going to do when one of them takes a steel core to the chest? Or to their unarmored pelvis?

  4. I’m calling False Flag OFA bullcrap on that guy. 90% chance fake, 10% chance is is teaching classes where you learn to holster your gun at first opportunity, do a perfect front roll, and then karate chop your opponent.

  5. Based only on the bit about there being 80 dues paying members, I’d say the leadership has some pretty good sales tactics going for them; and if the dues collecting leadership were out of town at their vacation home on the day of the Apocrapolis, I would be surprised not at all.

    There is one born every minute, per Barnum. So collecting the dues took at least 1 hour 20 minutes, I suppose.

  6. Ah, the “Find a Mormon and take their stuff” crowd. They seem to forget that most members of my faith have a scrappy core and the skills to back it up. In short, this Mormon shoots back, and I ain’t alone.

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