Lawsuit against the innocent continues while the guilty go free

The ATF and Federal prosecutors responsible for Fast and Furious have been removed from the lawsuit by Agent Brian Terry’s survivors:

A judge has dismissed federal employees from a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a slain Border Patrol agent over the botched “Fast and Furious” gun operation, noting congressionally-mandated remedies are already in place for when an agent dies in the line of duty.

But the judge let stand the lawsuit against the gun dealer:

Attorneys for the Terry family said they will appeal the judge’s ruling and will continue to pursue the lawsuit against the remaining defendant, Lone Wolf Trading Co., where the gun found at the shootout scene was purchased.

The gun dealers involved in Fast and Furious were told by the ATF they should let the sales of guns to known felons go through. The gun dealers objected but cooperated anyway.

What were the gun shops going to do? Tell their regulators to “shove it”? The ATF would have been “auditing” them, refusing to tell them what they had done wrong, with plausible threats of stomping kittens to death, destroying evidence, falsely telling the court you been convicted of robbing banks, entrapping you, and falsely claiming you ran a meth lab.

This is an incredible injustice. AG Holder and everyone that contributed to the decisions for this belong in jail.


6 thoughts on “Lawsuit against the innocent continues while the guilty go free

  1. F&F was a scheme to generate outrage (via increased crime) to help push for more restrictions on the second amendment. 18 USC 242 therefore applies. The gun dealers’ right to digression in making sales was also violated. Any office holders involved, or who were aware of it and did nothing to stop it, who took the Oath, are also guilty of violating the 14th amendment, section 3, and their terms in office are thereby invalidated. They have rebelled against the constitution and they’ve given aid and comfort to enemies of the United States Constitution.

  2. Well, all you gun shop owners…seems you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    This administration and their puppet judges really don’t seem to understand that the most dangerous thing on Earth is a human being with absolutely nothing to lose… 😕

  3. There is so much wrong with this whole situation that it makes the Kennedy clan look like saints. I’m hoping that gun stores will start recording their calls, cuz you know the ATF will experience a “computer malfunction” or “full recording device” when asked to play back the conversation where they told this shop to sell the guns anyway.

    • The recording of phone calls laws in the various states have interesting variations. Some are ‘reasonable expectation of privacy”, some are very strict in the call being confidential, while others are, “it’s not confidential if the one party knows the other party will pass the conversation on (as to a client, principal, partner, or someone else they’d be obligated to report to.”
      As Oliver Wendel Holmes, Jr. said, “Men must cut square corners when they deal with the government.” Now, apparently, that includes documenting every moment of every contact and every utterance between the two.

  4. I wonder what health insurance companies are thinking, watching this case unfold as they’re being told that it’s okay for them to violate federal law for the convenience of the administration.

    • I know pretty much what one insurance company is thinking but I’m not at liberty to say. But, as you might imagine, they are not happy.

      Publically they will say nothing bad to avoid the pain of government regulatory retaliation. They spent millions converting to a new way of doing things with new policies with unknown risks. They threw out policies that were working fine with known risks from years of collected data. Now they need to resurrect the old stuff with the same prices but the risks have now changed because some people will have left the pools for the “I’ll pay the $95.00/year fine/tax policy.”

      It will cost them millions to resurrect the old policies because it will have to be done by hand because the computer systems no longer support the old policies. Obama gives a five minute speech and it costs the insurance companies millions. Why isn’t this considered some sort of tax, fine, or penalty imposed without due process? What prevents him from saying something different next month and costing them millions more?

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