Quote of the day—Violence Policy Center

Firearms are currently exempt from the health and safety laws that apply to every other consumer product in America, from toasters to teddy bears. Applying those same standards to guns is the real key to reducing firearm death and injury in America. Under these standards, handguns would be banned because of their high risk and low utility.

Violence Policy Center
Cited March 16, 1999 by GunCite
The False Hope of the Smart Gun
[I find it interesting that the 2013 version of this paper has removed the last sentence of the above paragraph.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Violence Policy Center

  1. I like how the argument “Well everything *else* is regulated!” somehow doesn’t mean we should stop regulating other things, we just need to add to the pile.

    Just one more thing, and we’ll all be safe…

  2. They have to hide their true goals because the know they are objectionable. The only way they can succeed is to chip away little by little at our rights until they’ve destroyed them by means of “death by a thousand paper cuts.”

  3. As I understand product safety laws, a product is only deemed unsafe or substandard if it does not function as intended. If the utility of items becomes the concern of others over the interests of the buyer then ANY product could be banned from use. Most people have no use for clam rakes so using this logic clam rakes should be banned, can you see where this is going and how ridiculous the idea is ? Firearms function exactly as intended, they are tools, the tool has no control over its use by a fool. The fool is the culprit not the screwdriver or the clam rake.

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