Simple solutions from simple minds

President Obama said:

With millions of consumers getting cancellation notices for their current health plans, President Obama announced Thursday that he will encourage insurance companies to continue offering their customers the same health plans next year.

“This fix won’t solve every problem for every person,” Obama said, saying he would consider legislative action to go further. But he appeared to rule out the sort of legislation that House Republicans are pushing, which would allow insurance companies to continue selling new policies, indefinitely, that would not comply with the law’s new consumer standards.

“I will not accept” legislation that would “drag us back to a broken system,” Obama said.

He and his supporters have no idea what they are doing.

  1. The insurance companies will be “encouraged” to break the law? They cannot legally still offer those plans.
  2. The people who will keep their old plans are those who are at low risk of needing expensive health care. Their premiums were to pay for those at high risk. Taking them out of the pool will mean the premiums for those remaining will have to go up.
  3. The insurance companies spent the last few years working to estimate the risks, set prices based on those risks, and restructure their organizations to work with the new mandates. It will take a similar amount of time to revert back and support the system they were forced to abandon.
  4. Restructuring of the insurance companies resulting in employees going to different jobs within the company or being laid off. Those changes cannot be undone in a short period of time. A lot of that expertise has been essentially vaporized by Obamacare.

Not only did the Democrats have no constitutional authority to inflict this upon the people but they had no idea what they were doing. They believe changing the laws of economics is as simple as changing the laws of the nation. The reality is that the laws of economics are as immutable as the laws of physics. To believe that Obamacare could make health insurance cheaper and more accessible to everyone is to believe perpetual motion machines are possible.

There will probably always be simple minded people that believe in perpetual motion and we have present day proof of that in those that voted for and support Obamacare.

Update: An insurance industry insider just told me: “Your post is exactly what we were just talking about. The magnitude is staggering.”


7 thoughts on “Simple solutions from simple minds

  1. Excellent stuff. I would take some issue with the idea that Progressives don’t know what they’re doing. Yes it is true that they have zero understanding of basic economics. They’ve been to university to study it after all, and so their minds are filled with garbage so deep and smelly that the truth is like a needle in a haystack, or a fresh sandwich in a truckload of garbage– even if you find it it will be unrecognizable and/or altogether unappetizing.

    BUT they’ve known for decades that they want to corrupt and de-stabilize the capitalism-based (rights-recognition, property-recognition) system, and in THAT they are doing a very good to excellent job. Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. The details are far less important compared to the goal of general decline, frustration and instability. In THAT they are doing extremely well.

    • I would also point out that, as Ayn Rand wrote about decades ago, the radical left has actively promoted the display of arrogant, blatant, ignorant stupidity and insanity, whether real or feigned, as a tool of frustration and intimidation, to put us off our game, distracting, confusing and de-railing us.

      As we are drawn into an almost obsessive attention to minutiae, while we attempt to set the record straight on one set of ridiculous assertions, they’re busy churning out a hundred more ridiculous assertions, accusations, laws, corruptions, international betrayals and bureaucratic restrictions. They play us like violins and it works practically every time. They marvel at the ease with which they carry it out, and they have contempt for us in our failure to see the trick and our inability to do anything about it even when we do see it.

      • And so; what is the solution? I find that the terms, “end-run”, “short-circuiting” and “circumvention” come to mind.

        Rand Paul sort of had the right idea when he went into the Senate and called for de-funding, but those ostensibly “on his team” chickened out even before he started, and worked to defeat (short circuit) his effort.

        “So, you’re holding me hostage then?!!” says the left, threatening all manner of real or imagined, horrible fallout if this “hostage situation” is upheld.
        “Yes; if doing the right thing means we’re holding you hostage, then we are definitely holding you hostage, and that’s final.”

        And come what may, no matter what, and there will be no concessions. The left can hold its breath, turn blue, kick and scream, threaten and break things, and it will not make any difference, because we stand on right principles, which we are capable and willing to articulate clearly and unequivocally, and we will not back down. And in that case NONE of the details or insane assertions come into play AT ALL. Just the right principles— those are the only thing on the table.

        You would BE AMAZED at what happens next.

        • I think a lot of questions will be answered in my most recent post on the topic. But it probably raises more new questions than those answered.

  2. “I will not accept” legislation that would “drag us back to a broken system,” Obama said.”

    The irony in that one statement, if harnessed correctly, is powerful enough to replace fossil fuels completely. I should look for investors…

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