Bigotry is alive and well


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@davidhorsey at @latimes made the cartoon at the top. It is a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened. The poster at the bottom is actual political material from sometime during reconstruction after the Civil War.

Here is another poster created by a northern Democrat:


For more background on the Democrat’s political platforms from that era read this and this.

Now that racial bigotry is no longer fashionable Democrats have turned to prejudice and bigotry against gun owners. I don’t think it was a coincidence that as the civil rights movement of the 1960’s gained traction the anti-gun movement gained traction as well. The Gun Control Act of 1968 passed as a means of restricting access to guns by blacks.

Anti-gun people are the KKK of the 21st Century. There were members of the KKK that were tried and sent to jail decades after their crimes. The intervening years enabled prosecutors to find juries who would convict them. The criminals couldn’t imagine the political winds changing so much that they could be charged with a crime for beating or lynching a black man.

Today the anti-gun people who want us dead and actively pursue legislation to violate our rights cannot imagine they will ever be held responsible for their actions. But it is plausible we can do the same with the crimes these people are committing today. However unlikely it seems today it is still possible. And if we don’t work toward that goal then it won’t ever happen. If we work toward that goal we might achieve it. Opportunities will arise and we will take advantage of them to make progress on that path. The Internet is forever and the evidence will be there when the prosecutors decide to start enforcing the law.


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  1. There’s a ton of history that the Democrat Party and Progressives in general are desperate to keep quite, or have it re-written and re-framed. Progressive darling, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, REsegregated the military after it had been integrated, and he promoted and helped revive the KKK. Progressives gushed praise upon Italian Fascist (Marxist) dictator Mussolini and upon the German National Socialist Worker’s Party at least up until America’s entry into hostilities in Europe. This stuff goes on and on and on, and some of it so horrifying it would shock the average American “default leftist” to such a degree that he’d challenge it’s authenticity or outright refuse to believe it. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve hear all out lives that the German National Socialist Worker’s Party was “Far Right Wing”…

    One of the most openly racist white Progressives I ever met was a university music student from Chicago. We were at a party at someone’s apartment. There was the typical, professionally done family portrait photo on the wall. This Chicago Progressive took me aside, with a big grin on his face as though he’d discovered some great big, knee-slapper of a secret joke or something;
    “Hey Keeney; take a look at that (tee hee hee, snicker snicker…)” He’s pointing at the family portrait.
    “What?” I said, assuming that there was some funny detail or inside joke I was missing.
    “Look at the niggers (persnicker, te hee hee)!”
    He could barely contain himself. Just the sight of an every day family photo, of some black people, was enough to set him off, and he’d grown up the blue state of Illinois in the blue city of Chicago, was attending a very blue (Progressive) university, and was Democrat all the way.

    Yeah; the idea of the Compassionate and Tolerant Progressive Who Sees All People as Equals has got to be one of the biggest, most successfully perpetrated and destructive lies in modern history.

  2. In fairness, as someone pointed out to me, the Democrat and Republican parties were somewhat flip-flopped back when those posters were made, with the former arguably being conservative and the latter arguably being liberal.

    That said, my point was not about the political parties involved in either the slavery debate or the current “gun control” debate, but rather how one party (in the non-political sense) chooses to demonize their opponents.

    It seems the tactics have not changed over the centuries.

    Anywise, I am a bit proud of that creation; glad to see it making the rounds :).

    • “…somewhat flip-flopped…”

      I would agree that the terms “conservative” and “liberal” have been flip-flopped, and otherwise abused and mutilated, but the battle of principles never changes.

      The pro-slavery position would have considered the slave economy as a “conservative” idea insofar as it had been practiced throughout all of history, but if by “conservative” we mean “conserving the American Ideals of Liberty” then a pro-slavery position or pro racism position would be very much “anti conservative”. Let’s not confuse ourselves over words.

      “Liberal” likewise is used as a contradiction of itself, depending on the user or the abuser of the word. By the left it is used to mean “eschewing barriers” (to Marxist/authoritarian goals) while doubling as a smokescreen that implies “pro-liberty” which is a lie in this case.

      “Liberal verses conservative” then is as much a smokescreen as anything else, confusing the issue. We can put it in clear terms as; “authoritarian verses libertarian” (until such time as those words also become unusable due to generations of word-corruption).

      “Authoritarian” describes any system of hierarchy, or a chain of command and control through official intimidation and coercion, which necessarily has superiors and inferiors. Marxism/Progressivism in all of its variants is authoritarian, and so the racist models depicted in the posters are portrayals of “Progressive” (incremental communist) thought.

      “Libertarian” describes the ideals upon which America was founded; “…all Men created equal, with certain unalienable rights…” and so on—A system wherein law and government takes a back seat, serving only as a means of maintaining the rights of the individual. In that system, racism, or any form of bigotry, has no place in society.

      These constructs do not “flip-flop” or change in any way, no matter how we may mangle the language used to describe them, as they are as immutable as the laws of nature, separate and apart from mere words.

  3. Also note the strawman with the anti-gun people simply saying “Remember Sandy Hook”.

    We all remember that shooting and regret it happens. The truth is they want to blame lawful gun owners for it, and enact laws that would have done nothing to prevent this or any other mass shooting, nor the more common gang shootings.

    The anti-gun forces are the REAL threat, as pro-gun forces are not shooting anybody or doing criminal intimidation, while the anti-gun people are looking to strip us of our rights and out lawfully held posessions.

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