Securing your arms

It’s funny how the anti-rights cultists always have exceptions for governments and their minions. We peons are expected to just suck it up, because we are not as professional, as well trained in their use, and as well screened for psychological problems, and all the rest. Then we see cases like this, where the FBI SWAT team loses a couple of their rifles, and M16 and a “sniper rifle,” and they are considering if they should be charged with “improper storage.” Duh, ya’ think? This being Mass people freaked of course, and they also offered $20k for a reward for less than $5k worth of guns.It looks like the guns have been recovered, but the FBI isn’t saying anything, saying it’s because it’s an ongoing investigation, not just that it’s full-on CYA.

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5 thoughts on “Securing your arms

  1. In a sane society, you lose a gun, you go ask down at the local Lost & Found or put a notice on the bulliten board at the corner market. It isn’t news, any more than if you’d lost your pocket knife or maybe your wallet. Actually, losing your wallet might be a bigger issue to you, depending on what you keep in it. It’s certainly never news though, unless there turns out to be some awesome story behind how you lost it and how you got it back.

    All this pre-programmed FREAK OUT! ZOMG!, ZOMG!, ZOMG!– A GUUUUUN!!!…
    is purely an artifact of the freak-out culture engineers, and I refuse to participate in any of it. It is pure, simple, basic insanity. Please, Everyone; Stop it.

  2. I don’t think anyone is considering actually charging the offending Feeb with improper storage under Mass law. The most they are considering is whether to subject him to an internal reprimand for violating FBI policy.

  3. I think a sniper rifle should be defined as a rifle that’s marketable to the people who are buying rifles for snipers who are currently looking for new rifles at the time when you’re trying to sell rifles. from the modern U.S military market standpoint (which is what most procurement officers in the law enforcement and international military markets use to decide what the cool thing is now) that means a desertish tan Semi auto or cock on opening bolt action chambered in 7.62×51, .300wsm, .300winmag, .338 Lapua or .50 BMG maybe something extra special like .416 Barret or a strait magical unicorn like .375 Cheytac but most importantly its must have a large enough optics rail for three or four different night vision systems to be mounted simultaneously, but the rifle still has to be styled in a such a way as to make it appear as if your trying to minimize weight so lots of unnecessary lightening cutouts especially around the trigger, forend and

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