Quote of the day—Smarter Than A Bullet

I didn’t even need to read the article to absorb your so-called “opinion”. I can tell you need attention, and a gun to substitute for your underwhelming genitalia.

Smarter Than A Bullet
November 5, 2013
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[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

I was wondering. Since the name they are using is “Smarter Than a Bullet” and most bullets are made of lead are they trying to say they may be dense but not as dense as lead?—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Smarter Than A Bullet

  1. Just once I would like one of these wizards of smart to ‘splain to me how their argumentum ad hominem affects the debate. What difference does the size of my genitalia make to a person’s right to defend his life? What matter is the potency of my package to a woman’s right to defend herself from rape and/or death? Does their penis envy change the indisputable fact that the better-armed a populace, the lower the crime rate in that jurisdiction?


    • You are giving them too much credit. Imagine them being 10 year-olds in the school playground and then they make much more sense. It’s some form of arrested intellectual development.

        • Precisely! Even if my gun collection was proven to be compensation for some sort of genetic predilection, so what?

          1. Liberal guns haters LOVE to embrace groups that have cranial wiring different than the mainstream (gays, Democrats). So even if hoplophilia is a mental condition, why is it a reason for hatred?
          2 As Mark observes – even if proven to be a mental condition, how does that negate the Constitutional and factual justifications for gun ownership.

  2. People who don’t have the intelligence to rationally discuss the issue often compensate by fixating on the genitalia of those who do. It isn’t rational behavior, but they aren’t rational people.

  3. In short; it’s just plain old-fashioned bigotry. You’re defective and stupid and disgusting and therefore anything you say should be dismissed out of hand. Just look at you. Murderers! MURDERERS!

    From “The Hypnotic States of America”;
    “If you weren’t all so stubborn [you’d realize that wearing your shoes backwards is more comfortable]…”

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