Quote of the day—dustydog

A lawyer telling you that ‘society needs gun insurance’ is like a frat telling you ‘society needs to lower the drinking age for hot co-eds.’

November 7, 2013
Comment to Why ‘gun liability insurance’ is a bad idea
[I suspect being compared to a lawyer is libelous to “a frat” wanting a lower drinking age for hot coeds but I get the point.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—dustydog

    • I saw some very sad things with drunken hot co-eds in college. Nothing against the co-eds themselves but getting them drunk and taking advantage of them is unethical.

    • There is. They are targets for amoral, predatory men. They are lawsuits waiting to happen if they change their mind. They do stupid things they regret. It’s bad for their health. They are a big turn-off for me personally for all sorts of reasons (they were even when I was college age), and they are not able to give informed consent because they are impaired.The only “up-side” is for unethical / amoral men, to make them easier to abuse and take advantage of. And, sadly, the people who get hurt most often when the drunken coed changes her mind after the fact are not the amoral bone-heads but the nice guys that don’t fight dirty.

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