No one wants to take your guns

I was doing a little looking around on my blog for more posts to add to the “No one wants to take your guns” category and found links to these sites:

Handgun-Free America is down but Ban Handguns Now is still up.

Also this is a great quote from CSGV.

And if CSGV says they haven’t wanted to ban guns recently take a look at this post.


5 thoughts on “No one wants to take your guns

  1. Tsk! The CFA backs gun safety legislation and gun advocates claim they will use it to ban guns — yet they clearly state otherwise:

    “Will The Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act ban guns?
    No, this bill does not ban guns.”

    Why not read their proposal to see if there is anything to suggest that they might use it to ban guns?

    • It’s filled with explicit language that says they want to ban guns:

      further restrict the
      availability of new “sporterized” assault weapons; more stringently regulate large-capacity
      ammunition magazines; restrict the availability—or prevent the introduction onto the civilian market—
      of firearms that pose a serious threat to public safety, such as .50 sniper rifles; ban specific models
      or classes of firearms which are determined to present an “unreasonable risk” to public safety;

      Other web pages are even more explicit.

      • But — but — but they say they are not banning guns!

        Other things they say indicate otherwise?

        Gosh — I wonder if any other gun control activist ever do the same thing?

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