Gun Song- Don’t take your guns to town by Johnny Cash

A classic.

Johnny Cash wrote and performed for a lot of songs over the years, and a lot have something to say. In spite of the title the moral in this one seems to be as much “avoid strong drink” as it is that on any given day you might meet the one guy faster than you. Leaving it behind means that it’s an option you don’t have.

I do like one of Heinlein’s ideas from “tunnel in the sky.” The idea of going unarmed means you think “hide!” and “run!” rather than “I’m a tough SOB,” and a more cautions attitude can be a great life-saver. I think better training is a better choice that actually being unarmed, but hey, whatever gets you to the right mental place.


2 thoughts on “Gun Song- Don’t take your guns to town by Johnny Cash

  1. Nothing prevents you from having a “run” and “hide” while going armed.

    I was taught “evade” and “seek cover.”

    • Oh, I quite agree. But for some people without training, they are tempted to think of their gat as a magic talisman that grants them many powers of speed, intelligence, and power. This particularly applies to many in law enforcement. Gotta get the training and the right attitude before the gun is maximally effective.

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