Watch it! That slope is slippery

This is interesting:

This case isn’t about censoring information, but about complying with French law.

Isn’t that like saying the following?

  • This isn’t about discrimination, but about complying with Jim Crow law.
  • This isn’t about rape, but about complying with the right of a man to have sex with his wife under state law.
  • This isn’t about suppressing political speech, but about complying with laws to respect the President.

People need to be careful about the rationalizations and precedent they set. It’s not very far down the slippery slope to, “This isn’t about political assassination, but about removing a tyrant from power.”


2 thoughts on “Watch it! That slope is slippery

  1. And not much farther to, “This isn’t about political assassination, but about keeping the current tyrant in power.”

  2. With tyrants, only assassination works because by definition there can be no court under a tyrant capable of enforcing justice upon him. They can only be dragged out in the public square and beheaded or hung or shot.

    I have long admired the military officers who caught Nicolae Ceaușescu and his family during the fall of Romania’s government, gave them all a summary tribunal trial lasting about 30 minutes for the look of the thing, put them up against a wall and shot them. Those guys understood what they were dealing with, and dealt with it appropriately. Would that more Eastern European “leaders” had been dealt with similarly in the late 80s and early 90s of the prior century, pour encourager les autres.

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