Perhaps it’s Stockholm Syndrome

This is the equivalent of a rapist using a condom and lubricant:

…this is the future of airport security here in the nifty fifty, but the changes that are taking places in Charlotte and Dallas are certainly something that we can support. Think more comfortable spaces, better signage, and even places specifically intended to use for slipping your shoes back on.

The perpetrators should be prosecuted not encouraged. I suspect Stockholm Syndrome has something to do with it.


3 thoughts on “Perhaps it’s Stockholm Syndrome

  1. A comfy place to put my shoes/belt/underwear back on? That’s so great! I, for one, welcome the perks provided by our TSA overlords! 🙂

  2. The TSA personnel ( who are called “agents” to buck up their morale even though they are not law enforcement of any kind) should be wearing bright yellow or fluorescent green coveralls, not uniforms with shiny badges. That would increase my comfort level significantly by constantly reminding them that they are not the law, they are just baggage handlers and magnetometer attendees.

    • No, they are part of the new Gestapo, and watch, after the false flag sacrifice of one of their own (probably one who was going to rat them out on thievery), they will be pushing to be armed. (They’ve got the ammo and the guns in inventory and they’ve been quietly ramping up training.). Just watch. They may decide to initiate another event to further “justify” it, or they may just go for the gusto, because I think they’re getting worried that their time for fun and games is running out.

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