ACA leads toward divorce

Remember what I posted a little while ago? Looks like it’s going mainstream as a consideration. No, I’m not predicting a sudden tsunami of two-income divorces, but society changes a bit at a time, incrementally, at the margins. And at the margins, ObamaCare makes divorce look like an economically sensible thing to do, and it’s yet another drag on the economy and social stability as people try to game the system for personal benefit at the expense of “the greater good.” The incentives in the law are really insane.


6 thoughts on “ACA leads toward divorce

  1. “The incentives in the law are really insane.”

    That’s it, right there. Cloward/Piven, Sol Alinsky; that’s the plan. It’s a feature, not a bug. “Collapse the system into a new system.” “Never let a crisis (especially one you created) go to waste” and when things all to hell as a result, you blame your opponents and call for more power and funding.

    So I guess our job is to sell people on the superiority of acknowledging reality, while realizing that we’ll be mocked and denigrated for it all along the way.

  2. We don’t fit into the income bracket your example couple did…still my wife is the primary bread winner, and I make a little less than half what she does.

    My daughter, in a few months once we burn up all our available family leave will need to go into daycare. I’ve decided for personal reasons to go back to work part-time as to minimize daycare and maximize actual parenting while keeping my career viable until she’s going to big-kid school.

    Still with the cost of child care, and my overall opinion of the union run schools, all I need it a twist of an arm and I’ll quit my job and become a full-time Dad, and home schooler. So I wouldn’t need to DIVORCE my wife if this happened, I’d just need to quit my job.

    Hell part time I’m going to be taking a MAJOR pay cut, so maybe we’ll dodge a bullet anyway…

    • It would be interesting to see what a government actuary would do if you provided them with your numbers, and crunched them to see what effect on the economy and the tax base if half the people in your general income/family situation chose to do the same. It could make for and interesting news story to generalize it out, and be able to say “well, this will move X millions from the subsidizing to the subsidized category, and decrease taxable income by Y billions, and reduce the GDP by Z billions.”

  3. At the margins. One does not eat a large cookie whole, one nibbles it at the margins, until it is gone.
    Another view is erosion occurs at the edges, as large stones become small round ones.

  4. My wife and i could’ve saved a lot money by staying unmarried and letting Medicaid pay for the birth of our children. Unfortunately many of our peers have chosen that route.

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