Well there’s your problem

Via Sebastian we have this article whining about the lack of funding for the ATF. I only had to read as far as the second paragraph to see what the problem was:

The ATF, charged with keeping track of the nation’s 300 million guns…

Listen guys, the ATF has no more authority to keep track of the nation’s guns than it, or any other government agency, does the nation’s Bibles, Korans, and Torahs. And even if it were given the authority it would not be possible to keep track of those guns anymore than the DEA, with twice the funding, can keep track of the recreational drugs in this country.

And if you want to look at it another way try this: Our country is deeply in debt and getting worse. If the ATF isn’t doing the job you think it should be doing with the funding it is getting then let’s just get rid of it. Then put the money someplace where it would do some good. I would like to suggest paying off the debt.


3 thoughts on “Well there’s your problem

  1. But then the unemployed ATF agents would not be contributing their taxes (but they’re paid with our taxes so that point may be invalid) to the unemployment funds but rather collecting them. Kinda double-dipping in reverse. Our national finances are in deep doodoo…

    • Well in a free society they’d have to find something productive to do, which I think is the whole point here– It’s why they’ll try to avoid such a thing at all cost. Being “forced” to become productive human beings would turn their whole universe inside-out. It would deny “reality” and as such it would be the apocalypse for them, so they’ll be more than willing to make it the apocalypse for you rather than let go of the status quo.

      As Harry Reed said, “Don’t screw this up!” meaning don’t pull the curtain back to expose that silly little man pulling the levers of intimidation and coercion, because doing so would bring the whole thing down in a heap of ruin.

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