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Lining up armed men in uniform to say “Verboten!” to members of the public wanting to pay their respects at a revered monument (one made of hard, hard rock and solidly anchored) is utterly necessary to the continued functioning of our great republic.

Okay, then.  But they’re gonna need taller, shiner boots.

Roberta X
October 6, 2013
Fed.Gov Has Shut Down The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall?
[I think I will start stealing that last line even though it’s not the shiny boots that make the difference. It’s the guns that back them up.

What they don’t seem to understand is that we have guns too. Not only guns but numbers. Numbers of people and numbers of guns that outnumber their guns and numbers. Please stop pushing because demonstrating the guns or the numbers will be very unpleasant for all involved.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Roberta X

    • Indeed. Instead, for the most part they will have the willingness to shoot first, and women and children be damned.

  1. Is a furloughed park officer still empowered with the authority to actually, you know, arrest people?

    Any arrests reported at the national monuments staffed by the Stasi during the shutdown?

    Anyone still under a charge for violating the closures?

    I haven’t seen any reports on that, so perhaps this was all just security kabuki, like the TSA at airports has been for over a decade.

    Chilling the exercise of a right is an infringement of that right. Showing armed officers threatening to arrest those visiting memorials on the nightly news is just about as effective as actually arresting people.

  2. Didn’t Buck Henry and Mel Brooks do this in the 60’s?
    The opposite of that saying, history repeats itself, first as comedy then as tragedy.

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