One big happy family

This ought to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

The same company that made the website (on a no-bid contract, naturally) is the same one that created the Canadian gun registry that cost roughly twenty times the original estimate and got scrapped a decade later after being found to be both useless and seriously defective.

But they want us to just trust their good intentions, ’cause they are so smart and transparent. Yeah, riiiight.


2 thoughts on “One big happy family

  1. One big, happy family….of communists.

    And I assert that they are completely transparent. In their lies, distortions, secretiveness, under-handedness, endless scandal, denial and finger-pointing, they are as transparent and vacuous as empty space– transparently communist, transparently insane with power-lust (but I repeat myself), and utterly devoid of substance.
    (You physicists will point out that space is far from being utterly devoid of substance, i.e. it is never “empty” and so I will concur and point out that the Progressives are even more vacuous than the farthest reaches of “empty” space.)

  2. And an executive at CGI just *happens* to be a BFF with M’cHelle Obama. And they get the contract right efter said BFF hires on with them. Sounds a bit like M’cHelle’s no show job at that hospital in Chicago. Strange, that.

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