If a tree falls in the forest

Yesterday, in reference to spying on U.S. citizens, U.S. Congressional Representative Mike Rogers and Intelligence Committee Chair insisted:

You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated.

I can only conclude he would also insist that he hadn’t actually stolen cash from your wallet if you didn’t know it had been taken. Or that a teenage girl hadn’t been raped if she had been drugged and didn’t know what happened.

Someone should tell him that must also mean his privacy wasn’t violated if someone made of video of him having sex with a sheep and didn’t tell anyone.


3 thoughts on “If a tree falls in the forest

  1. It’s like saying your spouse isn’t really cheating if you don’t know about it. The guy needs to be fired, NOW, because he has a REALLY poor grasp of law, philosophy, rights, psychology, and history. Or else he has a fine grasp, and he’s just evil.

  2. “…sex with a sheep and didn’t tell anyone.”

    You mean “sex with a sheep and didn’t tell him”. You could tell lots of other people, but as he said it isn’t a violation to him so long as HE doesn’t know about it.

    Anyway; for sure the son of a bitch needs to be hurled from office at high velocity, and then put in stocks in the village square for a week.

    • What Lyle said. The crime here is that this person (I use this word in the way the people known as Native American Indians used the word, as in not a human being, but walking about as almost one) is representing Americans in Congress. Yet another example of something that must have our Founding Fathers spinning in their graves.

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