The only purpose

With as many crazy people as there are it’s surprising the world isn’t more messed up than it actually is.

And of course with a psychotic belief like that they have no reservations whatsoever about destroying your guns and you.

I tweeted back the following:

But trying to reason with the mentally ill is hopeless. I know, I’ve tried it before.


3 thoughts on “The only purpose

  1. They also don’t seem to understand the definition of the word “Murder”.

    Like you, I’ve fired countless rounds. Certainly hundreds of thousands…I may be close to a million, and besides 3-5 prairie dogs on my first “hunting” outing, I haven’t killed anything.

    Still I’ve abandoned the “Sporting Purposes” argument entirely. I dive right into their stupid argument.

    Yes guns are for KILLING. While MURDER is an illegal and immoral act, KILLING for self defense or the defense of others (Justifiable homicide) is a VERY legal and moral act, and EVERY modern nation has some form of this law and has since first recorded history.

    If you are against justifiable homicide you are against something that is innately human.

  2. God’s greatest gift to man was a free will.
    Don’t blame God for evil that men and women choose to do by their own free will.

  3. When True Believers of (whichever) One True Religion proseletyze at me, I tell ’em Thor is my god and he has a friggin’ hammer. They tend to sputter after that. It is amusing. The anti-gunners are no fun though, as they make the TBs look almost rational. Sigh.

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