The government lies and people die

FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.

— Valerie Jarrett* (@vj44) October 29, 2013

I asked a friend who is in the health insurance business if the above was true. I knew the answer but thought maybe there was some narrow definition of the word “is” or maybe “in” that would make it something other than a false statement.

The response was a laugh and, “No. That’s what I have been doing for the last several weeks. We have been preparing notification letters for individuals telling them their insurance plans are no longer available. Plans they were perfectly happy with and could afford cannot be offered anymore because of ACA.”

I was a bit surprised by the laugh and the almost cheerful mood. They explained, “It’s what we deal with everyday. They constantly say things that are not true and it has gotten to the point where we joke and laugh about it.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, it’s obvious in hindsight, but they also told me, “We can’t say anything about it though. If we do we will be audited and harassed by the regulators. It’s just not worth it. You don’t say anything bad about the regulators.”

They also told me, “It’s going to be sad. Due to “health care reform” a lot of people that used to have insurance will no longer be covered.

I could say a lot, lot more…if it weren’t for the fear of the government taking revenge upon someone for exposing their lies.

A single person losing their health insurance is a tragedy. 16 million is a statistic.

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) October 29, 2013

If you don’t recognize the form of the quote above; it’s from Stalin who probably actually said, “’When one man dies it is a tragedy, when thousands die it’s statistics’”.

It’s appropriate to bring Stalin into the discussion for more than just this one reason. Read this book: How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think. It’s a very quick read. There is one thing that government have proved, again and again, that they are very, very good at. It’s killing people. Particularly their own people. One of the crucial links in accomplishing this is lying to their victims and to those who carry out the orders to arrest, transport, and jail them. The lie could be a black as “Arbeit macht frei” or telling the friends and relatives of those executed in the basements of the local police station in the USSR that the ‘counter-revolutionaries and traitors’ had been sent to labor and reeducation camps. It could be the lie that the crowded rail cars were carrying everyone to a place where they would have good homes, schools, and jobs. Or it could be what many would consider a white lie of a campaign promise to provide universal health care. Never mind the “health care panels” administrating the “care” would decide who were treated and who were euthanized.

Obamacare is now being recognized for the disaster so many people knew it would be. What comes next is that the failure will and is being blamed on political obstructionists. This is a lie. The system, as I explained in my previous post, cannot work because of the principles involved. But some are calling for Republicans and the Tea Party to be tried for treason.

What happens next? There is a good chance that the democrats will lose seats in the next election because of it. But that isn’t the only possible outcome. Stalin and the Khmer Rouge regimes handled the failures and criticism of their policies in a different manner without giving up control. And many in the U.S. media approved with rationalizations such as (H/T to Alan Gura):

The new government of Cambodia may have to resort to strong measures against a few to gain democratic socialism for all Cambodians. And we support the United Front in the pursuit of its presently stated goals.

The current administration has consistently lied about gun control, operation Fast and Furious, the massive spying, stopping the wars, closing Guantanamo Bay, Benghazi, jobs creation, and health care reform. But the really scary stuff is what they have told the truth about. They said they would be willing to use drones to kill U.S. citizens on American soil.

Lying is what comes naturally to them. They tell lies the people want to believe. But once you have told enough lies your brain changes and you have trouble telling or even knowing the truth.

History has some very brutal examples of what happens when government policy is to lie. We must not let that happen here.

* Valerie Jarrett (@vj44) is an official Whitehouse twitter account.


5 thoughts on “The government lies and people die

  1. I really wish, and I mean REALLY wish that there was anything I could argue with in what you wrote. Qu’est-ce que la liberté ? sigh.

  2. But we simply must have universal background checks with record keeping per the Democrats for our “safety” and to reduce violence. Cough! (/end sarcasm).

    Given that the NSA is vacuuming up every little tidbit of data and that the Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) of Obamacare wll be transmitting “health” data (probably with questions about firearms, which is supposedly not allowed), I recognize many backdoors to identify a large percentage of firearms owners.

    With the CDC illegally in the game of generating junk science studies of how a firearm is a pathogen and gun violence is a plague, just wait to see how they mine the HIE data. Here is my prediction: you will be made to either give up your gun or lose coverage/pay more.

    Of course the lie they will feed you is that it is for your own good since guns are bad and scary. Just let Officer Friendly have the guns and you will live in paradise. Just how well did that work out in Germany, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, and so on?

  3. I guess the answer to the question, “Quis Custodiet Ipsos custodes?”
    is “Don’t speak bad about the watchmen.”

  4. It all depends on what the meaning of change is, I guess. I hope they figure it out soon, though. You’d think that someone that is so determined to “be absolutely clear” would actually know what the meanings of words are.

  5. I’m on the third book of Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy….and its frightening. Kinda like when I was reading Tom Clancy’s “Executive Orders” back in the mid 90’s, while there were a lot of trade embargos and fighting with Japan. Hopefully, Mr. Bracken’s trilogy will remain well-written fiction.

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