5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jeff Fyke

  1. Penis envy is so sad.

    How does he explain my wife, the NRA member, or my niece, who has to work to be off-target?

    How do these people breathe in their tiny little bubbles?

    • They’ll argue your wife and niece are brainwashed tools of the gun lobby, who have never understood what it means to really be a woman, instead desiring to be a man instead.

      Man, that hurts just trying to think that way. Please don’t ask me to do it again.

      I’d love to see them unravel their logic for someone like Erin Palette though.

      • Sorry for the headache. I feel something similar when I visit lefty websites – it takes effort to think that poorly.

  2. Heh. “Their men”. Sorry, I don’t possess any men, that would be considered “slavery”, which was outlawed awhile back (no, really! Look it up!), therefore I feel no need to prove their existence.

  3. RabidAllen sort of beat me to it, but…

    I don’t know about about the rest of y’all, but _this_ cousin humpin’ redneck knows the difference between “their” and “they’re.”

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