Update on shirts

A fair number of people previously expressed some concern about Barb counting my shirts. As I said in an update to the post and in the comments I don’t really think there is anything to be worried about. A few days ago she gave me two coats, two sweaters, and a pair of pants for my birthday.

The only way I can resolve the present data in an adverse manner is if Barb is trying to get my closet rod to break due to excessive loading then suggest it was my fault for having so many clothes. That would be far too subtle and complicated for her personality. She is very direct.


4 thoughts on “Update on shirts

  1. I think her gift says “He has enough hats and shirts.” It sounds like she gave you very thoughtful gifts. 🙂

  2. Off topic but I’ll post it anyway.
    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the *rod* breaking but I have seen the attachment for the rod be inadequate: screws that were too short and too small a diameter. Everything seems fine until it catastrophically fails. Probably only a problem for rods that have a support in the center.

  3. Ah. She would have liked to buy you shirts, but was foiled by the number of shirts you already had. A shirt from her would have been insignificant among your already vast shirt inventory. It is significance she seeks. She wants control of your wardrobe, which is to say that she is trying to re-make you in her own image, which is to say that she will not be satisfied with you making your own image.

    I’ve been though this whole thing myself, where the women in my life (and by “women in my life I include a male or two who’ve taken on the character of women) feel they must “correct” the “error” in my choice of attire. It has gotten to the point where I’ve been almost unable to wear anything that wasn’t given to me by others.

    You do learn some things along the way on this unfortunate path however. You learn the image of you that other people have in their minds. Like self-appointed gods, they’ve re-made you in their own image…of you. Having a veneer of good intentions, they conspire to eliminate your individuality.

    • I realize you have some “history” that colors your opinion on this. But you don’t have the full details and hence your extrapolation from your situation to mine has some errors.

      She asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I could use some winter shirts for work. The sweaters certainly qualify.

      The pants are rain pants. She gave them to me as an early birthday present when we went mushroom hunting in the woods. It turns out it was fairly dry and I didn’t really need them but they will be useful to have in other situations as well such as Boomershoot.

      Last year I had asked for a “nice coat” to wear to work and when we go “someplace nice” as in a restaurant or maybe a movie. I only had my Boomershoot M-65 Field Jacket which was just a little to casual for some activities. She bought me a nice leather jacket.

      This year she expanding my selection of coats to include a windbreaker and a light jacket. A few weeks prior I had mentioned that my windbreaker was worn out and I really should just throw it away.

      Thanks for your concern but with the data I have the “elimination of individuality” risk is actually flowing in the opposite direction from where you are concerned.

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