No More!

I got this circular from some GOP Senate twerp;


In 8 days, we’ll hit an important fundraising deadline. How much we raise will have a big impact on whether or not our candidates are set up to succeed, so every dollar counts. I’m so committed to helping us reach our goal that I’ll match 3 times your donation.

As the last few weeks have made crystal clear, our country desperately needs new leadership in the Senate. It’s plain to see that Harry Reid just isn’t up to the job. Under his tenure, the Senate has become a dysfunctional disaster — plagued by political games, partisan stalemate, and constant finger pointing. We can break the mold, but we’ll need your help to do it.

With 7 seats up in states Mitt Romney won, combined with the Democrats’ failure to recruit competitive candidates, the political map shows we can win in 2014. Now we’re counting on you to help us make it happen.

Harry Reid and his left-wing special-interest groups are already raising millions to protect their majority. They’re desperately doing everything they can to out raise us. We simply can’t allow that to happen.

Will you please contribute $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford today and help us take back the Senate?

Again, donate before the deadline and I’ll personally make sure your donation is triple matched.


Senator Roy Blunt”

To which I replied;


This plea of yours reads like a joke. In fact, the GOP has become a dysfunctional disaster — plagued by political games, ideological hypocrisy, and constant finger pointing. I’ve been saying for years that we must first defeat the GOP before we can defeat the Progressive movement and the Democrats, that the GOP has been a major obstacle standing in our way.

That fact is, right now, more blatantly obvious than ever. I will be working to convince as many people as possible that it is time to defund the GOP, and stop being fooled by the pseudo conservative pap that is being fed to us as a ruse. I’m sick and tired, and I am DONE having my own money used against the principles I hold dear by the very people who have pledged to uphold them!

After the despicable performance of the Republican senate leadership these last weeks, I am insulted by your request for money. You apparently take your voter base for gibbering fools, but to some extent I can understand your confusion being that against our better judgment we have supported you so much in the past. Well, Sir; No More!


I don’t know Roy Blunt from Adam, and I don’t care to know him or any other GOP hack.

If you want to throw money at the problem, don;t send it to the GOP and don;t send it to any candidate– some of that money always goes to the Party even if you gave it to a candidate. Send it to Freedom Works or some other group you know for a fact doesn’t play games. At this stage I think it’s better to send no money rather than risk one dime going to game-players, “the wizards of smart” and Progressives.

Besides; money is far from being that which defines victory. There may even be an inverse relationship. If the GOP dorks want to win, all they really have to do is stand up for the principles we elect them to stand up for. In that case they wouldn’t need any money. We’d be able to see them as people we want representing us, just by their actions. It’s free.

Don’t fall for the crap anymore. We’ve tried it too many times and seen it thrown back in our faces already. The enemy (The Bloods) of my enemy (The Crips) is NOT my friend! Same goes for the Dems and Reps. I think we have yet to learn this lesson properly.

Update, 10/23/13; My reply to Senator Twerp at the NRSC was bounced, so they want your money but they don’t want to be bothered hearing from you. It seems to me I’ve gotten replies through to them in the past. I’ll look for his own e-mail address and get this to him that way.


15 thoughts on “No More!

  1. I’m actually pretty happy with one of my senators. (Cruz)
    But the rest could drop off the earth, and I wouldn’t miss them.

  2. Sadly, I am “represented” by Maria “Never take a stand for anything but government” Cantwell and Patty “mom in tennis shoes” Murray. Nice enough people, but both are True Believer members in good standing of the Good Intentions Paving Company.

  3. You can support the supporters of freedom (and Cruz might be one them – keep a sharp eye on him though) in other ways, just don’t do it in such a way as to give one cent to the Party either directly or indirectly.

    We can get, and are getting, a true ideological freedom movement going, with no more Republican style Progressivism and political game-playing. Once they see it for what it is, many of the current supporters of the Dems will come over.

    Ayn Rand said this decades ago; The so-called, or self-described, conservatives are often the worst enemies of liberty, as they horribly misrepresent it, giving it a bad name by way of their hypocrisy, weakness, greed, arrogance and cowardice.

    That’s a perfect description of the GOP. STOP SUPPORTING IT and we can starve out the body of our biggest political problem. The only power they have is that which we give them. STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!

  4. Rolf, please: that alias is soooo 10-years-ago.

    It’s now Patty “Osama the daycare provider” Murray.

    Please try to keep up! 😉

    • Or better: Patty “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” Murray. As related to me by someone who worked in her office.
      My thought was: that’s not a knife, sharp or otherwise — not even metaphorically speaking.

    • I thought about Patty “the dimmest bulb in the senate ten years running” Murray, but I think she lost the title briefly in 2009 for a little while when Kennedy wasn’t quite dead year. (I must note that while I despised his policies and personality, Ed Kennedy was a sharp cookie most of the time.)

  5. A coue of years ago or so, I began seeing the RNC sending fundraising pleas through the mail that looked like a bill, complete with “PAST DUE” stamped across the front. They still do it. Every time I see one (in NW Texas I see a lot of them) I look around to make sure no one is nearby before I react.

  6. I am Adam and ‘Mr’ Blunt is one of my reps from Missouri. You can check his record, we need to get him out of office too.

  7. “The enemy of my enemy is nothing more than that…the enemy of my enemy.” Can’t remember who said that, but it’s true.

    Love the bit about “How much we raise will have a big impact on whether or not our candidates are set up to succeed, so every dollar counts.“. Is this a direct admission that politics is nothing more than an expensive retail business, where your representative/party is up for sale to the highest bidder? It all fits…but to hear them say it out loud (so to speak)…

    • More and more, that’s all that’s behind it regardless of side, even though you do indeed need dough to win races or ballot initiatives. Nowadays, my cash goes to various direct charities, projects like SolePower (shoe insole battery charging), or fun stuff like Monster Hunter International challenge coins. Still holding a few bucks for a certain AI run starship themed book though!

  8. When you send it in, list some of those principles, otherwise he might just look at it and go “Sweet, another person fed up with Cruz and Paul”.
    They’re politicians, you have to spell it out for them. (or in a more appropriate metaphor, rub their nose in what they did wrong)

    • Good luck with that. No one above 2nd assistant dogcatcher ever directly sees communications from the public. That’s what office staff is for.

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