7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jeff Fyke

  1. Comments like Jeff’s would be more effective if they could demonstrate some grasp (sorry) of manhood themselves.

    Alas, all we see are semi-educated intellectual pygmies stroking (sorry again) their tiny little egos at how very clever they are; how no one could EVER have come up with that metaphor before.

  2. alanstorm beat me to it. That a gun-fearing leftist would attempt to lecture anyone on the subject of manhood is, well, I should say it’s readily predictable in its irony but then I have to remind myself that the language of Leftspeak has every important word, term or phrase turned upside down or inside out. “Manhood” then means everything that it isn’t, and in that sense the quote, dumb as it is in any language, isn’t quite so thoroughly discombobulated as it might appear to one who speaks proper American English.

  3. Given my weapons are flat black, not shiny, his attempt fails even at this minor level.

    Tell me, who is more of a man?
    The husband and father (me) who is armed and able to defend his wife and children or the pathetic, androgynous liberal who can only defend his girlfriend by dialing 911 and hoping their response time is under 15 minutes.

  4. What Alanstorm said about Fyke and others coming up with a clever new metaphor, it is somewhat like in “Julius Caesar”, where Casca said “it was Greek to me” to Cassius.

    Fyke: “I have a clever new metaphor to people whose logic I cannot refute.”
    . . .
    Huffman: “THAT is a clever new metaphor?”
    Fyke: “It is new to me.”

  5. Again and always; we’re facing the results of a hypnotic state. We attempt to use logic against a state of mind that is specifically programmed to reject logic and instead to react emotionally.

    If you want to deal with it head-on, you’ll have to look into the process of de-hypnotism, or de-programming. Attempting to redirect one’s programming may be a stop-gap measure but ultimately the solution is first to find objectivity yourself and then be able to help others find it.

    If you find yourself reacting emotionally to the opposition it’s probably a sign that you yourself are in a programmed state. Almost everyone is.

    • “We attempt to use logic against a state of mind that is specifically programmed to reject logic and instead to react emotionally.”

      George Lucas has much to answer for. “Use the Force, Luke!” has corrupted 2 generations.

  6. Please feel free to come by and fondle my manhood anytime douche bag, it is obvious that you have much more experience in three piece set manipulation.

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