Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

You simply have to love Piers Morgan. Trying to have a rational conversation with him about guns is like filming a recruiting commercial for the gun rights movement.

Alan Gottlieb
Founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation
October 16, 2013
[This was in response to what happened here:

In this video Piers calls Alan “stupid”. Alan has a degree in nuclear engineering. Piers “studied journalism”. I have spent hours talking to Alan and he’s very smart. I haven’t talked with Piers but my bet is that Alan is a lot smarter than Piers.

Further evidence of this is that this is the first time I have known someone to find a use for Piers. Piers makes a good recruiting tool.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. I can’t stand listening to or watching Piers M. He asks a question, then doesn’t wait for an answer. He interrupts constantly. He’s condescending and ignorant. He’s not usefully aggressive, he’s just an obnoxious tool using his interviewees to push his own position. He is the worst sort of “journalist,” one that isn’t interested in facts or reporting, but just pushing his agenda, bullying those he disagrees with, and getting his ego stroked.

  2. Morgan has a British accent, and so therefore he’s smarter. QED.

    Nice how he INVITES ALAN ONTO HIS SHOW and then he, Morgan, demands to “get a word in edgewise”. It’s his bloody show and he can say as much as he wants to say every night, so why does he invite a guy on and then tell him to shut up? It’s all a stunt of course. Morgan has no interest in hearing Gottlieb speak; he just asks him on to boost his ratings while slapping around someone he hates.

    It amazes me that Morgan appears to genuinely NOT see the ass-in-your-face hypocrisy in supporting an anti rights political agenda on the anniversary while at the same time saying it’s a disgusting act to support a basic human right of self protection on the anniversary of a mass murder of legally disarmed victims.

    I keep telling you that this stuff can only be explained by psychological programming, i.e. hypnosis, i.e. social engineering, i.e. culture, i.e. psychological warfare. Morgan, along with millions of others, simply is not in control of his own mind. He’s a soldier in the zombie army.

    I thought Morgan was pretty entertaining as a judge on America’s Got Talent. I bet he had far better ratings back then too.

    • I suspect Morgan falls closer to the ‘evil’ end of the spectrum than “hypnosis” of some sort. Read about some of his unethical activities here.

  3. No use for Mr. Morgan? C’mon, he can always be used for fertilizer. After all, he’s already full of used food.

  4. Alan Gottlieb may be the smartest man on the planet but he lacks a certain “emotional intelligence” that caused his original “Guns Save Lives Day” plans to go awry.

    I have a good friend who barely made it out of high school and college, yet today, he’s in the upper leadership ranks of a big organization. Why? Like he told me “I’m good at getting along with people.”

    There are different types of intelligence and most people aren’t the best in all of them. (I find Gottlieb over-anxious and kind of creepy.)

    • And where do idiots that are good at getting along with people, and gain positions of leadership not because of competence and knowledge but because of their ability to schmooze, flatter, and not offend, GO? The lead you right off a cliff, with lots of bedazzled followers wondering why the rest of us are not likewise entranced by his suave charm. Meanwhile, those of us that recognize basic laws of reality and study history but are called crass for pointing these things out, are ridiculed, mocked, and derided. Saying “I told you so” is a cold comfort as you watch what you love get destroyed.
      Is Gottlieb the smoothest talker ever? No, but he’s got his facts straight. He doesn’t enforce double-standards like Morgan. Tell me, if a person who dances in the blood of innocent victims can use their deaths to push THEIR agenda before, the day or, or after the anniversary of an event (such as the gun controllers do), when CAN an opponent say something? When IS the right time? After all, someone got killed, somewhere, every day of the year.
      (And, just so you know, UK murder stats are reported as murder upon final conviction, not upon finding the body as in the US, and they clear less than 50% of their “dead body, likely not natural causes” cases; so on an apples-to-apples basis, their murder rate should be at LEAST twice as high as is now reported.)

    • I too have met and spent some time with Gottlieb, and he’s a super sweet and personal man. So your assessment of him being “over-anxious and kind of creepy”, is 100% incorrect.

      Also I’ll note that Mr.Gottlieb is the head of one of the most successful 2nd Amendment organizations…meanwhile MSNBC is looking for replacements for Mr. Morgan as we speak, and have been VERY public about that.

      So you can choose to plug and play your silly assessment into those facts….or your can use this as data to refute your assessment.

      Either way you’re wrong, Ubu, but since when did that ever stop you?

  5. I hope CNN starts selling ad space on the web site for transcripts, because I haven’t a single second of my life I’m willing to spend actually listening to this buffoon’s voice.

    I read the transcript instead. Only took me a couple minutes, and I didn’t add a single view to a video that Piers might use to justify his funding levels to his advertisers. Additionally, since the first several MORGAN lines proved to be Lorem ipsum, and a random sampling later on confirmed the continued pattern, you can get the gist by just reading the GOTTLIEB lines.

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