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  1. I’d love it if she were right.

    That would mean you could go to a vending machine, put in your money, and get a pre-loaded, disposable firearm.

  2. “Such ignorance is absolutely staggering.—Joe”

    If it is, in fact, ignorance. So many anti-gunners are just straight delusional and in denial about how the world works, I no longer automatically assume ignorance on their part. And attributing this to ignorance and wrong-headed delusion is giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    Ignorance can be fixed but willful malice and deception can only be defeated.

    • It may be harsh, but my take on these people is 1) stupid, followed by 2) evil, and then 3) ignorant. But then I’m crankier than I used to be.

      • Please remember that the Venn diagram of stupid, evil, and ignorant has a lot of overlap, and a lot of statists fall square in the middle of it. They are not mutually exclusive items.

        • No, nor did I mean to imply that, but occupation of any of the given circles is not necessarily of equal probability. That is merely the descending order in which I perceive the likelihood of each.

      • I’ve talked to a number of these type of people face to face. My take is that most are pretty nice people as long as they don’t know you own a gun.

        But their beliefs are more like a religion than factual based. They have a dogma that was revealed to them in some way and facts and rational thought do not matter. They get a “deer in the headlights” look and change the subject when you point out inconsistences. Take Joan Peterson for example. I don’t really think she is stupid or evil. Her brain just doesn’t work right.

        There are smart, evil, anti-gun people in positions of power, authority, and respect. And I have met some of them. They are serious trouble and scary.

        I have met and had debates with smart, willfully ignorant, anti-gun people too. They don’t care what the facts are they “just don’t like guns”. Also scary.

        But I think most anti-gun people fall into the innocent “religious” type. It’s part of their “faith” that was revealed to them by their political/religious “leaders”. They don’t realize they should have servants instead of leaders and hence having beliefs that differ from their leaders is blasphemy. These are also called useful idiots.

    • Mostly correct. There is also willful ignorance that probably can’t be fixed either.

      Otherwise, “Good point.”

    • “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” — Robert J. Hanlon

      Or ignorance, in this case. There’s an old adage about people who are “honestly mistaken.” Upon being corrected, they will either cease to be mistaken, or cease to be honest. One cannot continue to be “honestly mistaken” in the face of correction. Ignorance, then, can be fixed, but only if the person is willing and able.

      “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Then there are those who believe – with zealous fervor – in their particular world view and won’t consider alternatives; theirs is sacrosanct and cannot be challenged. Correction doesn’t work on them because it simply does not compute within the bounds of their beliefs. Call them what you like – “Anti-gun/anti-freedom cult,” “willfully ignorant,” “useful idiots,” etc. – but they’re uniquely frustrating because they are (mostly) intelligent but refuse to use their brains, or their brains don’t quite process correctly. Either way, as obnoxious as they might be, they are not evil; they lack the requisite intent. Joan Peterson is one of these.

      “No one with good intentions wants to disarm other people; only those who know their actions will be resisted want to render people unable to resist.” — Rob Crawford

      But finally there are those who I believe are actually evil. They have the intelligence and the open mind to understand that their “beliefs” are wrong*, but still won’t entertain alternatives – not publicly, anyway. Their motivations vary, but increased power and influence – especially in relation to those they consider adversaries or lessers – seems to be common among them. It’s also possible, even likely, that their aspirations supercede their logical faculties; they work for their own goals (whatever they may be) while directly or indirectly undermining others’, even while fully understanding the injustice of their actions. That is pure evil. Mike Bloomberg is one example, as are Andrew Cuomo and Rahm Emmanuel.

      * – Can they still be called “beliefs” if the subject mind knows they are wrong? That’s a topic for another discussion.

  3. “1) stupid, followed by 2) evil, and then 3) ignorant.”
    “…more like a religion than factual based.”
    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    All of those are good, but they all fall far short, I submit, from the reality of the situation. Some of you touched on reality by calling it a religion or a cult, without really following it through. What does that mean, and how do we deal with it?

    I’m talking about mind control. Conversion subversion, hypnosis, psychological warfare. You could call it simple intimidation of the vulnerable and insecure, but it’s all the same thing.

    Most of the world runs on an animal-like hierarchy of bullies and cowards. They may seem like perfectly ordinary, good people, but they are cowards before greater bullies and bullies before weaker cowards. That’s just another way of saying they exist in an authoritarian system from which they see no escape. And they know no other way of existing.

    You may be one of them. It may be the same thing that’s going on between you and your friends and/or spouse, as you guilt them, intimidate or otherwise pressure your closest “loved ones” for what you want from them. It could be very subtle and you may not even realize you’re doing it. If one of you has firmly established yourself as the Alpha in the relationship, it may seem like you get along very well, and your spouse or your friends may be very loyal to you, but THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT”S GOING WRONG WITH THE WHOLE WORLD.

    The only way out of it is to find true objectivity, to de-program, rather than re-program. Only then do you stand any chance whatsoever of helping to de-program other people. Otherwise you don’t stand a whelk’s chance in a supernova of effecting change for the good. Essentially you’re a zombie at best, and a vampire at worst, but it’s all the same system that breeds both.

    A very good and simple test of whether you are an unwitting agent for the Dark Side is whether or not you react emotionally to this sort of thing. If the news of the day pisses you off, frustrates you, irritates you, makes your “head explode”, or scares you, etc., you are almost certainly in a hypnotic state yourself. In that case you are sunk. Go ahead; ask me how I know.

    At the risk of offending some people, in case I haven’t offended everyone already, defining authoritarians as having a “religion” is tantamount to calling religious people authoritarians. This is what will piss off some religious folks, but unfortunately there is some truth in it. Maybe I will redeem myself in their eyes by saying that I believe Jesus to have really been on to something extremely important. I believe that he was trying to de-program us, to free us from our cultural programming, and as such he was trying to get us in touch with true objectivity. In short; He wasn’t here to start a new religion in his name (well was he?) but instead to free us from religion. That sink in for a bit. Remember; the religious scribes wanted Jesus done away with, and they conspired with the Roman authorities to do just that. Who’s side would you have been on; theirs or his? Do you have any way of even knowing?

    Nothing ever really changes, does it? This stuff is as old as the hills.

    To perhaps really offend some people; I know an atheist or two who I believe to be better “Christians” than most who regularly practice a Christian religion. The difference is in programming verses the lack thereof. Granted; some programming is far superior to other programming (if I were stranded and needed help I’d go to the church rather than the gangster hangout if those were my two choices) but it is all programming none the less, as opposed to objectivity.

    If all this pisses you off or you think it’s just plain dumb, I’d only say that Jesus did tell us; “Narrow is the path and few are those who will find it.”

    If you’re pissed off at me it only means you were pissed off (programmed) to begin with and so I haven’t changed anything. If on the other hand you see some truth in this that maybe you didn’t see before, then maybe I’ve done some good, which is longish way of saying that I have nothing to lose. What do you have to lose?

    You see how this works?

  4. Substitute out firearm for something else. See if they see the problem.

    No need for you to have a large house. Or a nice car. Or a computer that runs Crysis 3 without so much as a twitch.

    • …or a triple venti latte, or a vegan entree after a yoga session, or access to “medical marijuana” because of their supposed condition.

      There are a lot of things out there people think they have a right to, but these are simply desires. We have a right to firearms because they are necessary for our defense of innocent life from criminals and despots. Hunting and plinking are nice, but even better if they improve my aim for shooting looters, home invaders, and so on.

      Anyone who says I must be disarmed for my own safety or for the community, is my enemy. Friends don’t feel the need to disarm me.

  5. The way “aallison” butchered the English language is also appalling! I’m not sure I got what she said right yet!

  6. I continue to be amazed by the fact that semi-literate people can use the internet as well as they do
    As for what I THINK she said, I can only add, “Until there is.”

  7. A lot of these people believe that if they are weak and helpless, the government, or God, or blind luck will take pity on them and not let anything bad happen to them.

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