Hunting with suppressors?

Perusing the WA  hunting regs, I see nothing at all about using suppressors. In the part about Prohibited Hunting Methods it talks about caliber, crossbows, shooting across roads, etc. But nary a word can I see about suppressors. Is it legal? Anyone know for sure?


4 thoughts on “Hunting with suppressors?

    • Thanks. That’s sort of what I figured, but I was curious if it was specifically addressed. I guessed that if it’s silent (ahem) on the issue, it should be OK, but I was curious if there was anything definitive.

      • They’d have to pass a new reg, which would show up in the hunting guide, or a new statute, to bar the use of suppressors as they were generally illegal to use, but not to own. Once general use was legalized, all uses were allowed.

        It’s the kind of thing the anti’s like to call a “loophole.”

  1. Unless they specifically passed something in the last couple years, there’s probably nothing in law about it. Up until then, it was a misdemeanor to shoot through a suppressor at all in WA, hunting or not, law enforcement or not.

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