Quote of the day—Daniel Murphy

I propose the federal government put several plastic surgeons on the payroll and offer free unlimited penis enlargement in exchange for giving up these rediculous (sic) weapons.

Daniel Murphy
April 3, 2013
Comment to Debunking the Conservative Myth on “Assault Rifles”.
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T to Phil who sent me an email with the link.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Daniel Murphy

  1. My standard rejoinder for people who talk about a lack of penile size is to tell them
    “I bow to your vast knowledge of the subject”.
    It usually shuts them up.

  2. I’ve never felt the need to shop any sort of penis enlargement surgery, but I’m betting some of the more “Effective” (there’s a LOT of biology on why they “Work” and what the means to you functionally) procedures are probably a LOT less than what I’ve spend on guns, ammo, holsters, and club dues.

    My gun related travel and political donations, we’re EASILY well past what plastic surgery could be bought.

    It’s ALMOST like they’re full of it!

  3. Another comment to the article from E.A. Blair:

    “It has long been suggested that gun nuts cling to their weapons as phallic substitutes. Wherever that is the case, I recommend autofellatio. I’m told the climax is a real killer.”

  4. Wow, I made the mistake of reading the entire article. Not only was the article itself of very little substance, it didn’t make any mention of full vs. semi automatic or anything else. But in the comments fully fifty percent of the comments were dick jokes (to be more specific, 2 out of 4)! So, that’s what they have, nit-picking about semantics and dick jokes?

  5. I still don’t see how having a huge schlong is any compensation for being forcibly made into an easy target. Maybe the Jews being marched into the gas chambers would’ve been happy about it if they’d all had big dicks at the time. Same goes then for the hundreds of thousands starved at the hands of the Bolsheviks?

    That’s the reasoning we’re being asked to accept. But we still have no answer for the women. What do they get in return for being made helpless targets for all manner of thugs and tyrants? Big tits? So they’ll be happy to be raped and/or killed at the hands of monsters so long as they have big tits at the time. Got it.

    That IS very logical, so long as you’re one of the aforementioned monsters. Otherwise it’s insane gibberish of course.

    On a similar note, I told my socialist/government union brother that, contrary to his assertion, graft is far from the only motivation for the current American communist administration, that it gets far, far worse, that for example they believe there are billions too many people on Earth and they want to de-populate the planet. He blurted out with no hesitation;
    “That wouldn’t upset me one bit.”
    And so we get yet another honest glimpse into the left mindset and yet another clue as to the purpose of weapon restrictions. It’s really all you need to know about it.

    • When they say we need fewer people, ask them if they are volunteering to be the victim, or the murderer? And would they mind if THEY were not the one making the selection?

      • It was a short night or I would have done. The government union members now think they are safe from all of this so they’re not at all afraid that it will come down on them directly. I did quote Yoda to him though; “You will be……You..Will..Be…”

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