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The reason so many self-defense people believe it’s okay to shoot an attacker, after you add up the cold equations and come to the inevitable conclusion that someone is about to die, isn’t because we have flexible moral compasses. Nor do we study criminal violence because we secretly feel fascinated by evil. Not at all! The reason we accept using deadly force to defend the innocent is because we believe it’s actively good to save innocent lives, including your own. The reason we study past criminal events and try to understand how they happened is because we want to know how to save the lives of innocent people during future criminal events. The reason we learn the physical skills of self-defense is because we want to protect the lives of people we love. The key for each of these things is in the goal: saving innocent life.

Making the decision to save an innocent life is not a sin. It’s not a crime. It’s not an evil. It’s an active bit of good you can do in the world, saving an innocent life. And if the job of saving an innocent life is a good thing that may need to be done, it’s not wrong to learn how to do that. It’s not evil to prepare to save an innocent life as well and as safely as you can. It’s not bad to study how to save lives efficiently and competently. It’s not a sin to save a life whole-heartedly, with everything you’ve got. Those are actually all good things.

Kathy Jackson
October 4, 2013
It’s a Good Thing
[Thinking this through is important. The anti-gun people are either incapable or unwilling to do the intellectual effort required. That they attempt to force us to join them in their willful ignorance and/or mental incapacity should be, and is, a crime.—Joe]


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  1. Joe, you’re nibbling at the edges of the most vital discussion: evalating the level of Good and Evil in your fellow humans.

    The lib-loons hate the idea of passing folks on a good/evil basis, and they are doing their best to eliminate such analysis.

    Instead of a Good-Evil continuum, lib-loons prefer to evaluate on a Possible-Not possible continuum. This continuum of critical analysis is too broad, and it permits behaviors to flourish that harm the entire society.

    If a Good-Evil continuum sounds too close to a familiar religious concept, too bad: without adopting the analysis of where a person sits on the continuum, and adjusting your relationship with that person on that basis, any other standards you might follow have no meaning on that OTHER important continuum, the survival of one’s society.

  2. To the communist mindset, there is no good or evil. There are only collective needs and collective challenges, the lack of power and resources to supply and overcome them, and those who stand in the way of acquiring the power and resources to supply and overcome our needs and challenges. That being the case, your old, tired gibberish about right and wrong, or rights verses those who would violate them, or even survival verses death, merely stands in the way of progress. You’re attempting to “gum up the works” as Obama put it. You stand in the way of our “collective salvation” (again; as Obama put it). What could be worse, on the whole planet, then, than you? We must be FREE of you and all who think like you, if we are to achieve that “salvation”– that Final Solution if you will.

    Jihad, anyone? Isn’t that pretty much the same thing the Islamists are saying?

    • The very fact that conservative/libertarians (Americans) live, that we draw breath at all, is, to the collective mind, a very personal insult of monumental proportions. That we should then add insult to the long list of very real injuries, by having the audacity to actually speak our minds IN PUBLIC and live as though we actually owned our homes and our bodies, our businesses and our good works, and that we may try to actually spread our enthusiasm for all the above, is so far beyond the despicably intolerable, such a hard blow right to the face, from such disgusting inferiors it cannot stand. And that WE should be CARRYING GUNS! Oh! Oh, for this they cannot, and will not, sit idly by. They cannot and will not contain themselves.

      Who else gets this? It’s as old as the hills, it’s in every bit of sorry, sad history, and yet who really understands it?

      • It’s a war, People. Mostly it’s been psychological warfare (demoralization) but that’s changing. Eventually it has to phase into violence, and the collective mind is counting on YOU to strike the first blows. It’s doing everything it can to make that happen. It’s getting frustrated that it hasn’t happened already. That GOOD. Keep them frustrated. Don’t react in the ways they need you to react.

        If we don’t understand psychological warfare, and can’t wage it right back, twice as effectively in favor of what is right, then we’re way behind the curve. If we’re agitated, frustrated and angry, if we’re weak, rather than merely seeing what’s happening for what it is and reporting it without malice, then we’re way behind the curve. We’re losing.

        Steady. That quote, the OP, is very good.

  3. Just catching up, been too busy. The simple fact is that everyone recognizes the quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” and though it is attributed to Edmund Burke, the quote as such is probably a distillation of his ideas, and not really a quote at all. But I digress.

    Both liberals and conservatives use the quote, but boiled down to its essence, it says that NOT DOING SOMETHING GUARANTEES THAT EVIL WILL SUCCEED! Not protecting oneself or others guarantees that evil wins. Evil must not win, thus we must defend ourselves to avoid that end. It is why self defense is a natural law, and why it existed before the Constitution and was only codified there.

    Liberals like the idea, but refuse the truth therein, and thus are forever doomed to failure against those that will protect that which is right.

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