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The only way to go is complete, national disarmament. That way there is no chance that criminals could raid government storehouses, or that military weapons could make it to the hands of violent gangs. There would be no chance of corrupt government officials selling firearms to cartels or other organized crime groups. If we do not push complete disarmament by removing guns entirely from the situation and not just from the hands of civilians, then we are simply promoting the disarmament of the American people who would be left without means to defend themselves, while doing nothing about the very people that the 2nd Amendment afford them the right from which to protect themselves.

The only way to ensure that no guns fall into the hands of criminals, and to ensure the safety of Americas civilians, is to make sure that all guns are removed from the equation.

Because if disarmament does not take place on a national, state, and civilian level, and no one has guns, it is not “gun-control” it is “civilian control.” 

Conor Higgins
October 3, 2013
A modest proposal: On gun control
[I read the entire article thinking there was a good chance this guy was serious. Only the last sentence gave me hope he was sane.

In this article he advocates complete disarmament. This includes the police and the military with naïve, half-baked, plans to collect all the guns and rationale for why neither the military nor law enforcement require firearms. I actually had to go looking for other stuff he has written to convince myself this was satire.

There are people out there that naïve and half-baked but Higgins isn’t one of them.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Conor Higgins

    • Not when the Left is manifestly wrong, evil, and everything our principles tell us to abhor, no.

      But Goldberg really ought to know better than to characterize the other guy in what amounts to an honest disagreement on tactics as being engaged in a “suicide mission” and calling those who are in fundamental agreement with him (Goldberg), but disagree on tactics Ayatollahs. That’s not an attempt to reach comity, it’s deliberately stoking the flames and it is, to borrow phrase from the taliban on the Left, not useful.


    • There are many things for which there is no middle ground.

      What is the middle ground between you being allowed to own slaves and personal freedom for all?

      What is the middle ground between communism and freedom to own property and chose your own destiny?

      • You see most issues as black and white so I’m not surprised you would post this. Some issues are, some issues aren’t.

        • Which is why he said for “many things” there is no middle ground, not “there isn’t any middle ground.”

        • It must be nice to accept gradiations of slavery.

          Do your chains rest lightly upon you?

  1. Actually, I’m going to take it a step further: I think Conor KNOWS it’s pointless. Unless EVERYONE is disarmed, there simply will not be any ‘safety’ from firearms. And since it’s impossible to disarm EVERYONE…

    I’ll give him credit for putting the fallacies right out there on the dissection table to be cut up.

  2. I’m going to go with “satire”, because for someone to actually believe that its worthwhile (and possible) to completely remove every firearm from the US is to assume that the cheese has slid completely off their cracker. And out of the solar system. There would have to be a mind-boggling gulf of interstellar space between cheese and cracker for something like this to make sense.

    So, yeah. I’m gonna go with “satire”.

  3. Something the left never admits to understanding is that as disarmament advances, the remaining weapons become more and more valuable as those who possess them have more and more of a force advantage over the disarmed. I say that it’s their motivation from the get go. It’s a centralization of force.

    “Can’t we find a middle ground?”
    HEH! Aw, that’s so cute. I might have fallen for it when I was a boy, but certainly not in the last several decades. Rapists, robbers, thieves, vandals, murderers…why can’t we find a MIDDLE GROUND with them? Gee. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because some things are good and some things are evil, and we can never afford to look for a common, or middle, ground with evil because in so doing we’re being corrupted. We’re being guilted into corruption. I SEE YOU!

  4. If you wish for peace ,prepare for war. It takes but one side to make a war and those that do not have swords can still die upon them. Higgins is living in a fantasy world he will no doubt one day be a victim.

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