Quote of the day—John M. Snyder

The atmosphere in congress right now, and Washington D.C. generally, is more favorable than it has been since 1966.

John M. Snyder
CCRKBA Public Affairs Director
September 27, 2003
Gun Rights Policy Conference, Morning Session 1
[The quote isn’t in the web page at the link, I pulled it from the recording I picked up at GRPC 2012.

While the quote is from 10 years ago today there is a good chance what he said is still true. Snyder has been part of the gun rights movement since the 1960’s. His perspective is very valuable.

For over 40 years many of the same people fought against the anti-gun forces. Many of the pro-gun organizations have been around for nearly that long and at least one, the NRA, has been around much, much longer. How many anti-gun people and organizations have been around for 40 or more years? I can’t think of any.

Perhaps that tells us something. Perhaps pro-rights people become more passionate and more dedicated the more they learn about the ideas and consequences of adopting policies advocated by our opposition. Or maybe it means our opposition become disillusioned as reality sinks in. Gun control creates victims. It does not prevent predators.—Joe]


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  1. “…maybe it means our opposition become disillusioned as reality sinks in.”

    Another factor to add to the mix is that evil is a shape-shifter/chameleon. One organization may be discredited, but it will merely retreat, regroup and resurface, rebranded and restructured, somewhere else.

    Beat it in Congress and it moves to the courts. Beat it as a 501c3 and it resurfaces as an “education” program, or it worms its way into the medical programs. Beat it in America and it moves out into the international organizations, etc… How many egregious, horrible dictators were previously educated in the West? It just never stops, so people need to be able to recognize it wherever and however it manifests.

    It studies you. Quietly, it learns your strengths and your weaknesses, it infiltrates, it learns how to interact with you, how to gain your trust and how to become your “friend”. All the while it’s taking notes and when the time is right it pounces with the full force of everything it’s learned from you and about you. In the end, you’ll do its work for it, and you’ll defend it, and that will be the end of you.

    That’s the MO in any case, and it usually works.

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