Gun Song – Blunderbuss by Jack White

Not really about guns, but a cool title and an interesting song, particularly if you like blues.

Jack White a relative piker (born in’ 75) compared to most of the folks that have made the Friday gun-song list, but he’s got some talent. I always find it fascinating how many different types of voices can sound “good,” even when they are not really what I’d call smooth. His voice sounds pretty rough and strained to me, but still “good.” it is a bit like listening to the “Perhaps Love” duet between John Denver and Placido Domingo: Denver sounds great, until the professional tenner starts singing, and you realize how much difference there is in the “quality” of their voices.

Me? I sing in the (off)key of pirate, and hov no professional training or knowledge or particular skill, but I sort of know what I like when I hear it.


2 thoughts on “Gun Song – Blunderbuss by Jack White

  1. That was excellent. Glad he’s still making music after the split with Meg. Sure he’s been doing it for a while, I just haven’t heard anything until this. And yeah, his voice usually sounds like that.
    I found a pretty good rendition of Jolene live by the Stripes. If I can find it I’ll post it here.

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