Quote of the day—David W. Guth

Need to ramp up mental health programs? Damn straight – starting with the afflicted folks that comprise the “from my cold, dead hands” lobby.

David W. Guth
January 25, 2013
Vol. 7 No. 7 — Mental Health and Guns
[H/T to Hognose.

This is the same Guth who expressed a desire that sons and daughters of NRA members be killed in mass shootings.

Interesting view of the world. He is wishing for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent children and he thinks people exercising a specific enumerated right and defending those rights need mental health care.

I’ve got news for Mr. Guth. The purpose of the Second Amendment was so the people could defend themselves against those that wished death upon the innocent. In other words the Second Amendment was about people protecting themselves from the likes of Guth.

And what is it with those on the left and mental institutions? It must be the projection of them at some level knowing they need help with their mental problems that they advocate that we get treated for mental health problems. If you listen to them for very long you will almost start to believe it yourself. It’s only will you start looking at the data and listening to them advocate for the deaths of thousands of innocents that you realize these people are nuts!—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David W. Guth

  1. It always comes down to this. If you’re opposed to the glorious Marxist utopia of the Motherland, you need reprogramed. If it takes a re-education camp or a mental institution, fine. If it requires a bullet to the head, so be it. If a hundred million must die; whatever it takes. It’s all part of the standard Progression of the disease that is collectivism.

    When we point all this out, it means we’re crazy. Count me in; I’m crazy.

  2. My wife, a practicing physician, long ago learned that if she found herself questioning her sanity after meeting a patient, it was a sign that the patient likely had mental problems.

    I have found the same thing true in dealing with coworkers, customers, retail clerks and essentially any level of government functionary.

  3. Gotta love useful idiots like Guth. If he ever got his way and guns were banned, he’d be among the first to receive a “big kiss” from Big Brother, in the form of a 9mm bullet to the base of his skull, followed by the dumping of his cold, dead body into a mass grave/trench!

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