9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rabid Soledad Badger

  1. We’ve gone from mere compensation to actual replacement. Your guns are prosthetics.

    If the gun is to be seen as a penis, what does that make the penis?

    Obviously there are more than a few people who view the penis as a weapon.

    We’ve mocked the notion that the penis could be used in self defense, but I think we’ve missed the point. The left sees weapons as purely offensive tools and so for them to come out with these comparisons may be quite telling. Some of the more radical leftists have told us that all sex is rape, and the conflating of guns and penises would seem to go along the same lines.

    Watch out.

    • All Heterosexual sex. Just as only unwanted heterosexual contact is sexual harassment. There’s even an appellate case somewhere with that last as its holding.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your best counter to these kinds of arguments are get female gun owners, CCers and 2A advocates to say “Oh yeah? Tell ME that I’m compensating for a small penis.” It does a remarkable job of shutting up about 90% of them.

  3. “Tell ME that I’m compensating…”
    That’s easy. Playing devil’s advocate; you’re either compensating for the lack of a penis, or you’re a mind-numbed robot of the paternal, Western, Judeo/Christian culture that needs to be eliminated.

    Point is; there’s no amount of valid information or logical argument that can change certain minds. They’ve been programmed to respond in certain ways to certain stimuli. It’s a done deal, and so unless you know some way to deprogram people the problem will persist.

    • Agreed. I’d expect their “thinking” to be along the lines of “Oreo/house negro/acting white” response to black people who care about language and learning. Facts only matter to those whose minds are not already closed.

  4. I saw a great bumper sticker the other day – “Why don’t you try being informed, instead of just having an opinion”

    Seems to fit here…..although I doubt it would make a difference….

    It would just be nice to use what I assume is one of their lines against them……might even be a start of a real conversation…..

  5. I am sensing the pressing need for a brain replacement for Soledad. Your right to be offended does NOT trump my right to offend you.

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